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Water birth - can you have one to?

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pupuce Sun 05-Oct-03 16:01:18

Spod - I didn't want to hijack (more than necessary ) Pie's thread....
Why are you having an elective and not a water birth ?
Pupuce - Pie's doula

Spod Tue 07-Oct-03 00:48:00

hi, I'm having an elective because i have long history of spinal problems ... had my lower spine bolted together 18 months ago.... have ongoing problems and didnt think a long labour or normal delivery was wise as no-one can guarentee that it wouldnt cause further damage to spine. I was interested in Pie having a water birth because I thought she would have a c section due to her SPD... so i was surprised. I am tempted to try but common sense tells me that I know the state of my back and it wouldnt stand up well to a difficult labour. If someone could assure me of a quick easy labour I would go for a water birth!! ta for your interest xxx

pupuce Tue 07-Oct-03 07:58:20

Spod - sorry about all your serious physical difficulties.... I am sorry I wasn't aware.
For Pie an elective would not have been an easy solution as the recovery period of the section would have been quite difficult and probably longer.
Pie did not have a quick and easy one the 1st time around but a very quick and good the 2nd time around.
There are many reasons for that - which we can talk about off mumsnet if you'd like.
If you had a first vaginal birth (even difficult - let's face it many of us have very hard 1st time) and the vast majority of us have a much easier time the 2nd time around.
If you'd like to get in touch --- don't hesitate

Spod Tue 07-Oct-03 22:11:26

thanks.... maybe when its time for baby no. 2 I can consider more alternatives! thanx again

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