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Has anyone been induced at the QE in Gateshead?

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GeordieDramaQueen Sat 04-Jun-11 15:51:29

Namechanged as I don't like giving my location under my regular username?

I'm only 40+3 today, but am desperately hoping for another homebirth as am terrified of hospitals. But DD3 is showing no signs of moving, and MWs are already starting to try and push me towards thinking about induction. (Both DD1 and DD2 were born naturally at 38+5, so I don't want to go too far overdue in case something is wrong.)

Has anyone been induced at the QE in Gateshead? And was it OK? What's the postnatal care like, and how soon were you allowed home?

No horror stories please!

Highlander Sat 04-Jun-11 16:57:21

I'd go for the RVI myself - tertiary level Obs/Gyn and special baby care if the shit hits the fan.

GeordieDramaQueen Sat 04-Jun-11 19:44:05

Thanks. Still interested to hear of experiences of the QE, though.

GwennieF Sat 04-Jun-11 19:51:28

A friend of mine was induced in the QE but there were compilcations so she and the baby were transferred to the RVI. She had to have an EMCS and then her DD wasn't well. She didn't have anything bad to say about it, just that they didn't have the facilities to cope.

I had both mine at the RVI (EMCS after failed induction and VBAC), I can't speak highly enough of the place. Hope all goes well for you at the QE.

GeordieDramaQueen Sat 04-Jun-11 20:16:13


megansmummy1 Sat 04-Jun-11 22:06:16

my SIL was induced there a couple of years ago and spoke highly of the facilities and the care. She was allowed home the next day as there were no complications. Hope that helps. I am sure that you could arrange to go for a look at the birth center if you want to?

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