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Vik Khullar - pelvic floor reconstruction

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cardamomginger Fri 03-Jun-11 20:29:09

Hi Everyone,
I need to have pelvic floor reconstructive surgery and I was wondering if anyone had had this, or a similar, type of surgery by Vik Khullar. I really like him and find him very easy to talk to, but I want to reassure myself that he is the best surgeon for the job. Anyone had a great experience with a different surgeon? Would be grateful for any thoughts!

polly1970 Thu 28-Feb-13 19:55:04

Hi Dandelion,
I was recently treated by Stergios Doumouchstis, he was recommended to me through my GP as I was keen to be treated asap. I was having terrible problems with prolapse and also incontinence sad also my relationship was really suffering! Anyway, I was seen very quickly and he was spot on with his assessment. I saw him at Parkside in Wimbledon. I think he also sees women at the Lister Hospital in Chelsea. Anyway good luck, I hope you get yourself sorted smile

Dandeliondust Mon 13-May-13 19:47:14

Hi Cardamomginger and polly1970
Sorry I didn't ever reply - I thought I would get some sort of alert to my post so thought no one had replied! I didn't realise I had to check back! Anyway it's been sometime now but in case you do check back - thanks for the responses. Still can't find much on Miss Fynes but saw Claudine Domoney last year and will be seeing her again shortly. I am in the situation of now being pregnant with my 2nd child and recently having a prolapsed cervix. I am just hoping some sort of pessary can be fitted until I can have surgery (will be my 2nd)- at least possibly 18 mths away..:-(
But I have read such good things about Vik Khullar I am wondering whether I might consult him. I just feel I want the best, skilled person to get it right with the op.

afg71 Tue 18-Jun-13 08:16:47

Hi Melody Rose
I have only read your thread now. I have not logged on for some time. I am sorry to hear you have had lots of problems like myself. I went from hospital to hospital. Each hospital has done bits of surgery. I should have been sent to a specialist straight away. At UCH I had collagen mesh inserted and has not agreed with me but with others it has. Cardomomginger's post advised me to see Vik Khullar. I am going to give him a try to see if he can help. University college said my mesh has not eroded but i am in pain. They say i have pudendal nerve damage. If st georges done your repair then they should correct it. Their is supposed to be another consultant there taking over. His name is Stergios Doumouchis. If this gets you no joy see vik khullar or take advice from others like i am. WE should not have to live with this and the doctors should be helping more. Stay in touch and let me know what happens. It may be that they remove the mesh completely. I wish they had done this for me. Unfortunately i do not know how much other damage of the nerves i have. Good luck. i will let you know how i get on.

Melodyrose Sat 27-Jul-13 01:34:19

Hi afg71,

Sorry but I haven't logged in for a while but I have just seen your message and wondered how you were getting on?

I gave up with St George's as after having the mesh trimmed there it started to erode again within weeks and their attitude was simply to keep operating and trimming. There were several women I met there who had suffered severe post operative problems under Michelle Fynes and I lost all confidence and I requested a referral to see Mr Khullar.

In April Vik operated on me to try and fix the mess that had been made. He repaired the prolapses again (Miss Fynes had done them twice before and they failed) he also did a hysterectomy but was unable to remove the mesh as he said it was too deeply embedded although he managed to trim it again. Botox was injected to try and ease the vaginal and rectal pain but sadly it didn't work. Vik is wonderfully kind and sympathetic and I am so pleased that Cardamomginger encouraged me to contact him.

Unfortunately Just 3 months on and the mesh is eroding again and the pain is increasing, I am not coping terribly well. So far the earliest appointment to see Vik is September but I am trying hard to bring it forward. I am currently taking morphine and Transtec patches but even that doesn't help a great deal.
My vagina and rectum feels like it is constantly on fire and I get sharp stabbing pains which prevent me from sleeping. It is painful to stand and sit for any length of time and I am exhausted with it all.

This prolene mesh is a terrible thing and I feel it has ruined my life completely and it makes me so very sad that this has been done to me. I trusted Miss Fynes despite her erratic behaviour and I was a fool and am now paying the price.

I truly hope that things have worked out better for you and that you have a more positive outcome. Can you tell me if you have had any successful pain relief for the nerve pain and if so what is it called? My GP has just prescribed Gabapentin but have not yet begun to take it. Is this something you have tried?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Borneo Thu 12-Sep-13 20:16:28

Dear Melodyrose,

I don't normally write on these websites but I read your last message about the burning pain that you have.

I had a very similar totally horrific pain after I had my son Felix in 2007. My episiotomy totally broke down due to infection and the stitches were removed, a truly hideous experience. I spent years in torturous pain due to 'pudendal neuralgia.'

The reason I wanted to message you was that I was originally treated by Michelle Fynes and a chronic pain consultant, but it got to the point where no-one could help me.

Michelle referred me to Dr Baranowski at the Hospital for Neurology in central London. In fact, I was so desperate that I saw him privately at great expense but it was the best decision I could have made.

He asked me a few pointed question and within minutes, he had diagnosed me with pudendal neuralgia- damage to the pudendal nerve down below. That's what the burning pain was. My husband used to come home from work and find me standing with a carving knife saying I wanted to cut that bit of me out.

Anyway, I had tried Amitriptyline in such a massive dose that I passed out immediately and Felix just had to fend for himself in his cot.

He put me on a paediatric size dose instead and I titrated up to 20 mg per night. I can't remember if I was already on Gabapentin at that point, but Dr Baranowski also prescribed it. I worked my way up to the highest dose possible. The combination gave me some relief but I was in pain all the time for years.

I would totally recommend that you look up Dr Baranowski (Paul) I think. It changed my life.

But I still can't sit down normally 6 years after I had Felix. I use a valley cushion all the time, although increasingly I can sit for longer on The Tube to work or on a normal chair.

I weaned myself off all the tablets when Felix was 3 years old because we did IVF agin twice to try for another baby. Felix took 6 goes at IVF. Once I was off the drugs, I couldn't tell the difference and I think time had helped to heal the nerve damage. Sadly, had another miscarriage and we didn't have any more children. And yes, doing all the IVF procedures well hell!

Will never forgive the team who were supposed to be looking after me after I had Felix. My life was extremely difficult for many years. But Dr Baranowski sees pain in a very different way. I saw a psychologist who really helped. I could have had more steroid type nerve block injections but I refused because they seemed to make things worse for me.

I wish you lots of luck and hope this helps you. I also hope that,like me, time is a healer. You learn to live differently. I still have to be very careful but at least now I don't think about how much pain I'm in for every waking minute. I was very lucky that when lying on my side, the pain pretty much went. So we had to have help in the house all the time.

I could go on and on but please look him up on google and perhaps he can help you.

Lots of love

Tea1Sugar Fri 13-Sep-13 06:21:05

Michelle Fynes - she did my postnatal repair op privately (perenium restitch and rectocele repair) privately 3 years ago. I know she's been suspended. Does anyone know why?

Healthandwellbeing1 Tue 14-Jul-15 11:28:06

I have great difficulty peeing and have to put 17 catheters in a day. Does anyone have any tips?

Limeave Sat 14-May-16 14:33:48

Hi everyone, could you please let me know if it is possible to see Vik Vhullar on the NHS?

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