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Is this normal amount of blood loss after sweep?

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Thornykate Thu 02-Jun-11 18:06:14

am 41 wks pg today & went to MW appt where she said my cervix is soft & she did a sweep for me. It was quite sore (worse than with DS yrs ago) & she said I may bleed.

That was 5 hours ago & I have had some light spotting this afternoon but I just felt a small gush of fluid & I from what is on the pad I have lost about quarter tsp darker brown blood, the same amount again in fresher looking blood & a couple of tsp paler fluid.

I have put a fresh pad on & there is just dark brown spotting now.

With my previous 3DS I never had SROM & only had a show with one of them so I don't know what constitutes normal loss.

Thanks in advance

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