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To Sweep Or Not To Sweep?

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midori1999 Thu 02-Jun-11 13:45:04

I have been booked for an induction at 38+3, but my consultant said yesterday that if I like they will examine me at my 37 week appointment (37+1) and if my cervix seems favourable will give me a sweep if I want one.

However, my DH is living an hours plane ride away at the moment (one of the many reasons for the induction) and so I am not sure whether to have the sweep or not as my previous labours have been quite fast (established 5 hrs, 4hrs, 3hrs then 45 mins) and I worry DH may not get back in time.

For those who have had sweeps, were they successful and on which no. pregnancy for you were they? Did you go into labour quite quickly and was it quicker/slower/the same as your other labours?


Spudulika Thu 02-Jun-11 16:45:51

Third labour, two sweeps within 48 hours, at 39+5.

In retrospect wish I hadn't done it. I think it was part of what caused the long, niggly three day labour I ended up with. My body wasn't ready to give birth and the sweeps just caused painful and rather useless contractions.

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