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Water breakage, help please!

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WalterFlipschicks Thu 02-Jun-11 12:19:57

hi all,
Some of you may remember some other threads i have posted re this my second pregnancy, im having twins.
Quick back story, i have obstetric cholestasis which is being kept under control with various drugs.
I am now 34 weeks and went in with strong tightenings on tuesday night, they monitored and they were strong and regular but no dilation at all and early labour test was negetive, very accurate to 7 days they told me.
So... They wanted to keep me in until babies arrive, but everyone admitted it was a precaution due to, oc, 34 weeks, twins, tightenings i was having.
Last night i persuaded them to let me come home, i cant sleepin hospital and was exhausted.
This morning i had to nip to shops for a few bits, a few regular tightenings, have been having strong bh for weeks so not too concerning, but on my pad there is a fairly orangey stain, not much but obviously it could have been absorbed by the pad... Always, not a mat pad.
Sorry for tmi, but it doesnt smell like wee, its fairly odourless really, my waters were brokem for me with ds1 so i didnt see it.
I dont really want to ring hosp unless i am sure as i know they will bring me in and admit me, but im not being irresponsible, im just more comfortable at home and am ten mins away if necessary.
Does this sound like waters to anyone, any advice?
Thanks all, wow sorry its so long smile

WalterFlipschicks Thu 02-Jun-11 12:21:50

Forgot to say they gave me steroids for twins lungs and drugs to stop the contractions, which worked, no tightenings for 24 hours until this morning, but they just feel like the bh again

Sam100 Thu 02-Jun-11 12:26:49

Amniotic fluid is supposed to smell sweetish like wet straw from what I recollect. If you are leaking waters it will also continue and you will be unable to stop. Try putting a flannel or piece of fabric in your pants to see if it is a continual slow leakage. Sometimes a hind water leak can be slow not a big gush.

You should really call your midwife for advice though. Even if they get you to come in for a check they will only keep you in if it is in the best interests of you and your babies.

Checkmate Thu 02-Jun-11 12:57:55

If its a leak they sometimes reseal, so it may sort itself out.

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