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Has anyone NOT had to push for first labour?

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bt1978 Thu 02-Jun-11 10:44:09

Hi everyone,
I am currently 24+1 with DC2 and starting to think about the birth. With DD my pushing stage was practically happened like this:
Midwife checks dilation etc after giving me a shot of meptid, I had been in active labour for about 4 hours.
Finds I am almost at 10cm, but tells me baby's head needs to descend a little before I can start pushing - I was already having very strong urges to push but had not been pushing as no one had told me I could and I didn't know what I was doing - 1st labour and all.
MW tells me to get up and try to empty my bladder, so I go to the toilet (luckily ensuite), am about to sit on seat and have an almighty contraction and shout for DH, who comes in to see DD crowning.(!!!)
DH runs to get MW.
The two MWs make me walk (quickly) back to the bed, while crowning, get on and kneel holding on to back of bed.
One more contraction and head comes out, another one and DD is born!
NO pushing from me.

Has anyone else had a similar experience in their first labour? I know second stage is supposed to be quicker for subsequent labours, but I wasn't expecting this for my first.

Thanks. x

CalmInsomniac Thu 02-Jun-11 11:07:51

Lucky you! I had 1 hour with the urge to push (which I went with) and about another 30 minutes of directed ("push into your bottom!") pushing which got DD out without problems but a 2nd degree tear for me.
I'm hoping for an experience like yours with my 2nd (not yet conceived)! Have you thought of having a homebirth for your 2nd incase it's quick?

Cattleprod Thu 02-Jun-11 11:11:00

You are so lucky! I had no urge to push whatsoever, but tried for 3 hours with little progress so ended up with failed vonteuse and forceps. I'd love a birth like yours for DC2.

gourd Thu 02-Jun-11 13:10:45

I didn't push either. I was examined once and was about 6cm at that point, so got in the pool as soon as we'd inflated and filled it (took about 20 mins). I'd only just got into the pool when waters broke and everything then happened really fast. My contractions must have pushed my baby out as I did nothing - I thought I was still only 6cm dilated so was trying not to actively push, but to just relax as much as I could. Felt like a HUGE poo! My LO just arrived by herself - 25 mins after getting in pool and 21 mins after waters broke.

ShowOfHands Thu 02-Jun-11 13:13:48

I had a couple of hours at fully dilated with no urge to push, then proceeded to directed pushing for six bloody hours. Still no baby and no urge. So I transferred and had a failed ventouse attempt, failed manual rotation and emcs.

I'm with Cattleprod. I really want to know what it's like one to have an urge to push and two, for pushing to achieve something other than burst blood vessels and a torn muscle.

GothMummy Thu 02-Jun-11 22:53:05

After many hours of horrible contractions, DS flew out whilst I was on the toilet. I suppose I must have pushed him out but I had no idea thats what I was doing, he just shot out in what I can only describle as 3 downwards surges. No effort at all and it didnt hurt either. I did tear badly though.
Am expecting second child very soon, and I hope i have a similar experience, I dont like the sound of all this directed pushing!

sc2987 Sat 11-Jun-11 17:08:40

I didn't deliberately push (of course my uterus was doing it anyway) until the last few minutes, because it felt like the right thing to do. I know this is usually when they tell you to stop pushing, to stretch the perineum, but I think I was right to, because my daughter's umbilical cord tore. It was only half as long as normal, so it had to break for her to get out, so I think the pushing helped. But I had already decided not to push generally, seems like a waste of energy, when your body will do it for you smile

thehiddenpaw Sat 11-Jun-11 21:50:10

I had two births (a late miscarraige and first baby) with no urge to push and no idea what to do when they told me to push. Then with my second son, it was more like yours and all whooshed out in a quick rush, I am expecting number 3 and have agreed induction with consultant to try and assist controlled birth rather than crazy rush. I had not idea what pushing was about first time and it was a big worry for me on my birth plan. So yes, had no desire to push first time (for living birth( and not a clue what to do. second time, no choice as my body shoved it all out.
The midwife who attended me for birth 2 suggested that if we had a third we seek consultant care. my husband thought the midwives who attended were really taken aback and I suggest you talk to your care people about your concerns. I live 30 mins from a hospital and the liklihood for me is the new baby will arrive quicker than the drive time, hence the consultant bringing me in early at my request

susiesheep2 Wed 15-Jun-11 14:31:28

My 1st was very similar! At home, only just managed to get from the bathroom to the lounge before DD1 was born, no pushing, no pain (very strangly, I expected it to hurt loads but I didnt feel a thing, and I had no pain relief!) took 7 minutes in total the midwife said and no tearing or anything.

I was stood up for nearly all my labour though, so not sure if that was why the second stage was so quick!! Hope the second is just as quick!

darleneoconnor Wed 15-Jun-11 14:47:47

Both mine, popped out of their own accord. No pushing or urge to push. So quick and unexpected that both were born with no mw present!

Hooliaaa Wed 15-Jun-11 19:10:23

I had 1 and a half hours of directed pushing with a midwife. She was fantastic actually and made me feel very calm and confident that I could do it. I'd had an epidural but it had worn off enough for me to be able to push, but not so much that it hurt! So I wouldn't worry about directed pushing - as long as the midwife is nice and not too bossy it's fine.

FloweryBoots Thu 16-Jun-11 08:39:29

Man, I had at least 2 hours of incredible urge to push but stuck at 9cm so told not to, which was practically impossible and the most horrible thing ever, then 3 hours of pushing once fully dilated with no results to show from it, transfered from birth centre to labour ward, more pushing, then ventouse and lots more pushing (consultant saying 'we've jsut got to keep trying this as there is no surgery free for a C section') and DS finally born 5 hours after starting to push. I was knackered! He had got himself turned back to back despite starting off the right way round, and his umbilical cord was teeny tiny so had been stopping him move down. It tore when he eventually came out. Hope my next one isn't so stubbon!

devonsmummy Thu 16-Jun-11 10:40:54

I got DH to call midwife over ( was in hospital waters had broken - had high BP) as I couldnt take the pain of the last 2-3 contractions - I hadnt actually told them I was having conractions as expected it to go on for hours.
Midwife came over checked me - 10cm dilated she started to wheel me to the lift to go to delivery suite and my body just took over and I felt it pushing involuntarily - a very strange experience.
I was whisked into a side room on the ward still as no time to make it down.
2-3 more pushes and DS was born.
as thios was my 1st labour i was totally in shock expecting hours of pain and pushing!
it was decided I'd been in labour for 2 hours ( not painful though)
when pregnant with DD i was petrified of going into labour alone with my toddler DS. I had my mum staying and DH was kept working locally around my due date.
well 2nd time round was very different - im sure the midwife thought I was crap as my pushing wasn't upto much - my body decided it wasnt gonna be helpful this time - and the labour was an hour longer (with a baby over 2lb bigger than my 1st)

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