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Does back to back labour feel like UTI pains?

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Thornykate Tue 31-May-11 20:59:23

Just asking as have had backache all day but not normal pg backache. It's the same feeling as when I had a bad UTI & is not relieved by how I am sitting or standing.

I went to the walk in centre & gave a urine sample which is clear. One of the nurses there is a MW too & she palpated & said baby is back to back so this could be start of labour.

Not getting my hopes up too soon as I am 40+5 and have been having abdo cramps now on & off for days but would like to hear if this sounds labour related from anyone who has had back to back labour.

MooseyMoo Tue 31-May-11 21:11:55

I had back to back labour and the best position I found to ease the pain was to go on all fours.

I've never had a UTI so can't compare - sorry.

Tinkerisdead Tue 31-May-11 21:19:56

Hmmm I had a back to back labour. Yes I suppose it did feel similar at first, but as it progressed it was evidentally labour in my back. I used a tens and it really did distract from the pain for the first 20 hours. That and water.

first1 Wed 01-Jun-11 14:48:47

Back to back pain I'm afraid I can only describe as spine-splittingly painful! :-( but every pain will bring you closer to baby! So let's hope it is that as I can imagine at +5 days over you're beyond bored, I went to 40+9 and the wait was hell!

ShowOfHands Wed 01-Jun-11 14:51:20

Please don't worry too much about the back to back aspect. The baby might still move before active labour starts or while it's happening. It's quite common for them to do this.

For me a back to back labour felt like somebody reaching into my back, grabbing my spine and shaking it like a limp rag.

MLWfirsttimemum Wed 01-Jun-11 15:12:35

I recently had a bad UTI with severe pain on the right hand side (front and back). I have to say, if it had been on both sides I'd definitely have thought I was in labour. As it was only on one side, I knew I was not, but in my experience it was very similar to labour pains.

Thornykate Thu 02-Jun-11 17:47:25

Thanks for all the replies, baby moved around and all backache stopped smile had 41 wk MW appt today & she said cervix is soft & she was able to do a sweep so hopefully things can happen soon enough.

MooseyMoo Sun 05-Jun-11 16:19:14

Great news Thornykate. Good luck!

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