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If you VBACed (or considered VBAC) in recent weeks...

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Zimbah Mon 30-May-11 20:22:09 did you get on? I've been posting and following a lot of threads recently with people hoping for or considering VBACing, who were due to give birth over the last few weeks. Just wondering if you are all still around, and if so what you ended up doing (CS or VBAC) and how you found the experience.

I gave birth to beautiful DD2 eight days ago. Did it on gas and air and TENS but that wasn't really an active choice, more that I got to the hospital and an hour later was 10cm so no time for any other pain relief although I was begging for an epidural or a C-section by that point. Had a third degree tear as DD came out with her hand by her neck so the immediate after-birth period was pretty horrendous, I was in a lot of pain and couldn't take any notice of DD. Once I'd had a spinal block (heaven!) and surgery to be repaired I was able to start enjoying my gorgeous daughter. Feeling pretty traumatised about how it ended up, have mixed feelings about whether it was better than a repeat CS. I know realistically I am in better shape than I was following the CS last time but it wasn't exactly the birth I was hoping for (are they ever??) and I am concerned about possible long-term issues with the tear, although it seems to be healing well.

Would be great to hear how others who have recently been posting about their VBAC have got on.

Junebugjr Mon 30-May-11 21:49:08

Hi zimbah,

I had a VBAC with dd2 10 days ago. Mine was a fairly positive experience, apart from dealing with over anxious consultants wittering on about forceps. I'm crap at coping with labour contractions so had an epidural at 5cm, and then had a lovely day gossiping to various midwives. I was terrified at the thought of a baby coming out of something extremely small but I can't say it was that bad. I had a second degree tear, which gave me a bit of pain, since 2 days ago though it seems to have subsided, and feels quite normal.

I only wanted a vbac so I could be up looking after baby asap, and the vbac pretty much provided that so I was happy. My emcs recovery was so bad last time around I was too scared to have an elective section.

Mumcah Mon 30-May-11 22:36:50

I attempted a vbac a year ago but ended up with another section as I couldn't get passed 4cm which is what happened the first time!
I had actually booked an ELCS as I got very nervous about vbac as my bump was mahoosive. I went into labour and decided to give it a go.
DS was 10lb 6oz so I was relieved although a bit sad that my cervix just won't dilate!
My recovery was so easy compared to the first time,I think because I wasn't full of drugs and hadn't been in labour for days.
Congratulations on your new baby.

PacificDogwood Mon 30-May-11 22:46:31

Congratulations, zimbah, I hope you recover quickly and continue to enjoy your new DD smile.

I had VBACs x2 3 and 1 year ago and they were both really good experiences (had a very fast labour last time round shock, barely made it to the hospital). DS4 was my last baby so I will never have to worry about mode of delivery again.
I had the advantage of having delivered vaginally once before I had an emCS with DS2 so had a 'proven pelvis' hmm which helped convincing HCP and gave me confidence.

It doesn't sound like you had a great time of it which is too bad, but I hope you will find that in the longrun it was still the right decision for you to go for a VBAC.
Are you considering having another baby and wondering about which way to deliver or are you looking for other experiences to work through your own? Sorry to be nosey blush

Zimbah Tue 31-May-11 10:08:09

Definitely not considering another baby! Well I say that, DD2 is so lovely I am already thinking "it wasn't that bad" when actually it was that bad. Just trying to work through my own experience.

The only way we'd have (or would have had) a third child is if money suddenly magically didn't become an issue, which is extremely unlikely and DH definitely doesn't want a third. But now I do feel as well that there would be no "good" option for delivery if I did have a third - wouldn't want a CS because of the recovery and the risks, but would be really scared to go through labour again and risk another tear as it was so horrible.

PacificDogwood Tue 31-May-11 18:39:10

Two children is a lovely sized family smile. I always wanted 2... or 4 grin. Which I am very lucky to have.

I really hope you can put your experience to rest in time and enjoy your DDs.

NulliusInVerba Tue 31-May-11 19:24:16

Hi Zimbah - congratulations on your baby!

I have just posted in the health topic about birth trauma, its titled Health promotion, I have done it partly because of my own horrid birth experience but also as an assignment for my degree.

Anyway go on there, for some really good places to get support after a bad birthing experience, or one you wernt happy with. The links are in my OP. Talking about it now will help you for the future

phoebebouffet Wed 01-Jun-11 23:08:48

Hi there, my ds is 10 weeks old now, I went into labour 4 days overdue and got to 10 cms after about 8 hrs on gas and air and tens machine (omg really had no faith in that, thought it would be useless but I absolutely loved it, it was really good, I think I just liked pressing the button) was pushing for an hour, nothing, they then decided lo's head was in the wrong position and i needed to go to theatre for ventouse fail in that forceps fail in that c-section. Thankfully he came out on the 6th attempt of the ventouse, however they gave me a spinal anaesthetic to do this, fine with that, but what i didn't realise was that I'd have to push with that in, so they were saying push and I couldn't feel a thing, weird! Immediately afterwards i was saying never again, wish I'd had a section but now im glad im up and about and due to the complications post section last time im glad i went for it.

Also, I was on the syntocinon drip and i remember them turning it up each time the Dr was saying 6, 12, 18 and going up and up till about36 I think at which point the midwife 'reminded' the Dr 'she's had a section you know' I got the impression that was close to the max limit ????? Which i think is a bit scary really, I'd be interested to know what the max limit is.

DefNotYummyMummy Sat 04-Jun-11 06:52:16

1 EMCS and 1 VBAC and 1 ELCS.

Was pretty traumatised for a while from the natural birth although overall it was a positive experience and I don't regret it (if that makes sense). Had stitches and that was agony - they were from 'grazing' and so heaven only knows how painful a 2nd degree tear is. My labia also teared so I have an extra flap of skin which is attractive. Took me 6 months to have pain free sex - which is good apparently !

Had an ELCS for my third and that was the best decision I ever made. Recovery so quick and no pain down there - fantastic !

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