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Late Cesarian

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chr0nic Mon 30-May-11 09:14:24

I am thinking of chosing a hospital with a very strong reputation in promoting natural childbirth but more than one person has told me that 'they wait too long to do a cs if you need one'. What does that mean? As long as mum and baby are healthy, does it really matter when a cs is carried out? Is the recovery worse or the operation more risky if the baby is further down the birth canal?

I am going for a VBAC so there is quite a high chance I will end up with another EMCS so this statement has freaked me out somewhat!

nunnie Mon 30-May-11 09:57:18

I am going for a VBAC too, but I have birthed naturally before and I progressed quickly with my last labour but he moved his head to brow once in the birth canal so got stuck fast. I have nothing to compare it to but my recovery was much easier than I had expected if that helps.
The fact that I have birthed naturally before increases my chances of a successful VBAC, but the fear of another EMCS will always be there.
I haven't really got any knowledge on risk s etc, or if the operation becomes more difficult or even possible the further into the birth canal the baby gets hopefully someone else will come along.
I have a bit of the opposite, here they promote and encourage VBAC, but they have quite strict time policies for each stage, so it is said theat they rush the CS process in my hospital for fear of what might, may, possibly happen.
Have you tried discussing the policy etc where you are going with your midwife or consultant?

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Mon 30-May-11 10:10:38

Well, I was in a hospital like this and they really waited for the last minute to do the CS. DD1 by that time was in distress (drop in oxygen level and tachycardia) so it was really an emCS.
They could have realised before hand that she was stuck and not coming out (I was only 6 cm dilated after 37h).
I am still sightly angry with them, she didn't have to be in distress, it was obvious that the labour wasn't progressing normally and I should have been seen before. But she is fine and I even managed to get over the trauma and had a DD2.
BTW I didn't have enough courage to go to a VBAC.

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