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care during and after a CS at leeds General prepared for honesty!! hideous 5 yrs ago

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hollin Fri 27-May-11 17:34:08

hi there having a ELCS in 6 weeks at LGI, pretty scared as found the whole after care process awful 5 years ago and gave me a pretty bad phobia about having another baby!

anybody got any recent experiences prepared for honesty as at least I'll know what to expect this time


hollin Fri 27-May-11 18:38:27

sorry should just say care in theartre was excellent just post natal ward not nice!!!

Reggiee Thu 02-Jun-11 21:39:48

Hi hollin
I had an EmCS 4 years ago and found the after care poor. But had a VBAC 2 years ago and was amazed at how things had improved. Don't know if I just got lucky - certainly the ward was much quieter second time round.
Good luck smile

Safariboots Fri 03-Jun-11 05:44:05

Hi Hollin,
I also had an ELCS at LGI four years ago and while theatre was fine, the care in the postnatal ward was quite different. I stayed in four days then and it was rather full and noisy, had very little support. Not sure how things are now, but I've been booked in there for my next one in 5mths time. Good luck!!

Meglet Fri 03-Jun-11 06:57:21

Bookmarking. I'm no where near leeds but I had crap post natal care after my first cs and stood my ground and made the midwives do more afrer my second cs. They didn't like it but were hardly going to kick me out of bed. I was a right stubborn cow (I was polite to them though), and guess what..... I recovered so much faster.

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