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Any experience of consultants at King's College London?

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otchayaniye Wed 25-May-11 10:01:16

Hi, I ma pregnant with my second (6 months along) and had my first abroad, privately, via section for extended breech and preeclampsia.

I have had surgery for Asherman's Syndrome previous to getting pregnant (basically interuterine adhesions caused by post-miscarriage D&C) and my ob/gyn in Singapore said it would increase rupture risk and that if it did happen, the severity would be off the scale. We're talking likely death of both of us here.

Since I had preeclampsia then I am being seen by consultants at Kings for blood pressure checks. I have mentioned to them that I want a repeat section and no one has said 'no'. But then they haven't said 'yes' either. My midwife at my booking in and at subsequent checks was fine about it but did say I needed to speak to the consultants and state my case. She didn't say I would meet resistance, but I'm unsure if she implied it.

One consultant (young Greek guy - I'm an old bird of 39) said the decision couldn't really be reached on a pure stats basis, and that it's a 'gut' thing. He also noted that Asherman's increased my risk. So from that, it doesn't sound like there would be a big problem. Still....

I checked the stats for London hospitals at Kings has one of the higher rates of ELCS (11 pct as opposed to 7-9 pct at other places)

But I'm still a bit apprehensive and I don't want to feel bullied late on in my pregnancy and then have to run around other hospitals or even shell out for private (I will, I feel that strongly)

I have had very kind mumsnetters forward me NICE guidelines and RCOG notes and I've been forwarded to

I just wonder if anyone has had direct experience so I can be extra prepared.

otchayaniye Wed 25-May-11 10:04:07

Oh, I've also contacted my doctor in Asia for a letter from him to help bolster my case.

Mumcah Wed 25-May-11 13:15:55

I had a c section for my first baby (at lewisham) and chose King's for my 2nd delivery.
They said I could choose whether to have a vbac or ELCS and were supportive with either decision. I had an emcs the first time for failure to progress.
This was on the Nhs,not private.
I can't remember the name of my consultant,she was a Japanese lady though!

otchayaniye Wed 25-May-11 13:58:41

Thank you Mumcah, that's reassuring. Was this fairly recently, out of interest?

And did the consultant you see perform the actual surgery?

Stangirl Fri 27-May-11 13:24:52

I had my first ELCS at Kings in Feb 2010 and will be having my second in July this year. No medical reason - just friends with terrible experience of birth and me saying "I want an ELCS". Every consultant I've seen there throughout both pgs were absolutely fine about an ELCS. This week (I'm 32 weeks) I asked the consultant I saw (I've seen a different one each time I've been) to book me in for the op. He said he needed to speak to me about VBAC first - then when he couldn't find any of the leaflets he just booked me in regardless.

bibbitybobbityhat Fri 27-May-11 13:32:06

I had an elective c-section at Kings after a crash c-section there first time around. I think it was booked in when I was around 30/32 weeks. I just firmly and pleasantly stated my case and the consultant treated me like a grown up and didn't argue against it at any point. It was all very straightforward and I believe they have a reputation there for listening properly to good arguments and not trying to talk you in to trying for a vbac for the sake of it.

I don't think consultants perform routine electives, though. I will say that although the anaesthetists and midwives were wonderful, I did not even actually meet the two surgeons who did the surgery [shock!]. The screen had gone up by the time they arrived in the room. At the end they said a quick congratulations and left, and I saw one of them again once the next day when she had a v quick look at my scar!

otchayaniye Fri 27-May-11 16:42:26

bibbity and stangirl (good luck!) thanks so very much, I really do appreciate it, especially as I've not been back in the country too long and can't really ask around.

What you say bodes well. I have a 28 week appt for blood pressure then and will broach it formally.

I'm expecting a couple of grim nights in a share ward (you can tell I was spoilt from being in a private suite last time!) but was it ok? Were midwives ok? It's a drop in the ocean really, even if they are rude, or don't ever appear! But forewarned and all that.

Were you out in 48 hours?

Thanks, it means a lot you bothered to reply.

bibbitybobbityhat Fri 27-May-11 16:47:01

I was lucky and got moved to a private room after the first night (I think they felt sorry for me as they forgot to give me any top up painkillers until 11 at night when I'd had the operation at 11 in the morning, and they were probably trying to prevent me from making a formal complaint). They do usually keep the private rooms for people with complications or twins.

I stayed in for three or four nights in the end. Ds had jaundice.

Stangirl Sat 28-May-11 05:50:35

The post-natal ward was full so I was put on the ante-natal - which was fab. Apparently the post-natal is a bit grim but I figure I can put up with anything for 48 hours. All the MWs i saw - with one exception - were horrible fuckwits but given as it is your second time around you probably can ignore them mostly anyway. They forgot to feed me and told me off because I couldn't stop my baby crying! Oh - and they tried to give me too high a dosage of blood thinners and I had to have a row with them about it until they checked my notes properly.

otchayaniye Sat 28-May-11 08:09:08


But as you say, I can grin and bear it!

Very best of luck.

Bearcrumble Sat 28-May-11 21:19:05

I saw Mr Nick Kametas at the blood pressure ante-natal clinic at Kings. He and his team are wonderful. There wasn't any question of me not having a c/s but I'm sure given your history and cirumstances there wouldn't be anyone trying to argue against you having one.

In the end the department was so busy on the day I was due to have mine I ended up being transferred, still pregnant to another hospital to have my DS but before that I was in a 4 bed bay with pre and ante natal patients. Two with babies and two waiting to have theirs. It was pretty noisy and busy - I couldn't have slept but if it's only a night or two I guess you just grin and bear it.

drosophila Sat 28-May-11 21:26:58

I had two at Kings and whilst I didn't see a consultant I wanted to tell you that generally I was treated very well. The worst bit was gettting in to the labour suite as they were sooo busy. I had to stay post birth for a week with each as they picked up an unusual condition they both had, The Special Baby Unit was great. A million time better experience than I had with no 1 at another London Hosp. They respected my wishes to not be induced and offered me a sweep every second day.

Mumcah Sun 29-May-11 12:59:16

Sorry just seen your reply to my post. The consultant I saw was not the same as the one who did the section.I met two on the day and the lady who did it was fab. She even took a photo of the 3 of us in recovery!
My DS was born a year ago.
He was in scbu for a week as was I and the care was really good.

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