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How many sweeps can you have?

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4pudding Wed 11-May-11 16:06:05

Had one last week and one yesterday.

Booked in to see the doctor next Monday to talk about induction/section (it's a VBAC), so would quite like another sweep maybe Friday if it doesn't get moving before then.

reikizen Wed 11-May-11 17:02:33

The only limit is how many you can face tbh! In reality, every vaginal examination is a 'sweep' to a greater or lesser degree as the midwife/doctor is stimulating the cervix each time.

Zimbah Wed 11-May-11 21:28:04

Hi 4pudding, I'm not stalking you honest! I had an attempted sweep today (40+1) but cervix was too posterior for the midwife to get to and she wasn't able to bring it forward. I'm booked in for another one on Sunday and then on Wednesday if necessary. I'm going to ask on Sunday to book a consultant appointment to discuss induction vs section - as I'm VBAC I am very uneasy about being induced but apparently that's now policy due to 'resources' - great. Will be interested to hear how your appointment goes on Monday, although I hope for your sake you go into labour before then smile

4pudding Wed 11-May-11 22:28:56

Hello! Don't be silly, I really appreciate your input smile

I think I'll call tomorrow and ask for one then. Would like to know if there's been any progress from yesterday. Never thought I'd be so keen to have strangers violate my cervix hmm

All the studies I have read are stacked against chemical induction for VBAC - my hosp doesn't even offer. Don't let them pressurise you into anything you don't want.

I've found the AIMS website really helpful. Here's the VBAC article:

StiffyByng Thu 12-May-11 10:45:02

Pudding, if I end up being induced, I will have had 5 sweeps! Lucky me, eh? Am on 3 and counting.

mosschops30 Thu 12-May-11 10:46:42

Mine were endless with ds2, had 4 before i went in for induction, then they continued to sweep in hospital

rasta Thu 12-May-11 10:53:17

My midwife said she can offer up to 3 sweeps and it's up to me when I have them providing I'm 40 weeks. I've had 2 already, 3rd tomorrow.

emzielou12 Wed 01-Jun-16 20:20:43

hi all.. im 39 weeks.. ive had 2 sweeps in a week 3rd baby but nothing. got counsultant tommorow hopefully they will induce xx

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