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Can you be refused a repeat c-section?

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notalreadyinuse Fri 22-Apr-11 20:43:51

I've seen other threads about this, but I'm not sure what the definitive answer is. Can you be refused a repeat section and forced to VBAC against your wishes?

Please don't anyone try to extol the virtues of VBAC in responses - I know some people are very pro, but I'm not.

LaraCameron Thu 19-May-11 05:46:54

You definitely can have a repeat. I read the NICEguidelines and they clearly say that the second time onwards maternal preference must be taken into account.
If they refuse, just say you would like it in writing that they take full responsibility for anything going wrong. A friend did this and it worked. Also say that you will not give any official consent for vbac.

They will want you to have a vbac because it is cheaper for them.
In america only 3% doctors actually approve of vbac and in India and China it isnt allowed.
Im sure the doctors there have a reason to think that way.
Im quite sure the main reason it is encouraged here is to cut costs.
So just be very firm.

Highlander Thu 19-May-11 13:22:31

The trick is not to 'ask'. Your body, your birth, you will have to cope with the after-effects of any birth mode - not the HPCs.

With DS2, the midwife said on booking-in, 'we'll get you down for a VBAC then?'.

I replied, 'no, I'm having an elecCS. I will not be bullied into a VBAC'.

She opened her mouth, I put up my hand and repeated, 'I'm having a CS. End of story'.

Voila grin

123jasmine Thu 01-May-14 22:59:14


I was wondering if the NHS has done any required study to see what is more cost effective. To pay for the care of a child with cerebral palsy for the rest of his/her life due to a ruptured uterus for the rest of his life( and there are quite few, unfortunately) or to economize £ 1000 for each VBAC instead of ECS.

oonaok Wed 20-May-15 18:23:00

I've looked in to this and have many family members in maternity care midwives and anaesthetics depts. They will try to advise you what they believe is best. But it is your decision completely. Know the risks of either way and make an informed decision. It is YOUR decision and stand up for whatever you choose

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