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Do some women never naturally go into labour?

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JenAT Tue 12-Apr-11 18:38:00

I ask this question as I am currently 41+1 overdue with baby number 2. Dd was induced at 42 weeks. I have so far had 2 sweeps (with apparently a v favourable cervix from the Bishops Score) My midwife can't really understand why I haven't gone into labour yet.

I have tried everything including sex, curries, long walks, bouncing on birthing ball etc. Not really getting any signs labour is imminent, apart from a small amount of vaginal discharge yesterday. Baby is still v active lots of kicks etc, so no concerns from that point of view. I just really didn't want to be induced again. I know I could probably opt for expectant monitoring but will probably opt for induction as I just want this baby out now. I know that my edd from scan coincides with the exact date I had worked out myself from LMP (also adjusted for cycle length, and I'm pretty certain of the date of conception)

Have any of you been induced for all your babies?

I have had a look on internet but it seems that what exactly triggers labour is still largely unknown, although scientists are now postulating that the baby may trigger onset of labour rather than the mother.

I'm really interested to know what others think and how many of you went overdue by >1wk for subsequent pregnancies.

EauRouge Tue 12-Apr-11 18:47:53

I went 9 days over with DD2 by the hospital's dates, 11 days by mine. I did a fair bit of research into longer pregnancies because with DD1 (11 days late) my MW lied to me to talk me into having a sweep and I wanted to be armed with the right info this time around.

I found a lot of stuff on google about 'ten month mamas' which was halpful. I bookmarked some links too, sorry am thyping one handed-


mosschops30 Tue 12-Apr-11 18:55:36

Ive been induced for two of mine, purely for being post dates, and my first baby was late even though labour was spontaneous.

Ds1 was 40+15
ds2 was 40+16

I dont think anyone really knows what triggers labour, i tried everything.
Despite being induced for 4 days with ds2 i still never went into proper labour and he was my only child to be delivered by cs

reikizen Tue 12-Apr-11 18:59:05

How would we know if they would eventually go into labour though?! It's an unprovable theory unless we were willing to wait months I suppose! I do believe that the arbitrary time limits we place on pregnancy based on not particularly convincing evidence is contributing to the high instrumental/section rate though.

JenAT Tue 12-Apr-11 19:18:28

EauRouge thanks for those links, very interesting.
At the end of the day I want what is best for baby. When dd was born she definitely didn't look like a post-dates baby. Only 7lb7 and not wrinkly!
I'm just concerned as I know induction increases risk of intervention. I didn't have a particularly pleasant labour with dd, nearly ended up with forceps but managed to push her out in the end. When contractions really started they were on top of each other with no break and I went from 4cm dil to fully in less than one hour, on my own on an antenatal ward with no pain relief and of course this will be influencing my thoughts on being induced again.

Perhaps I am overthinking things because I have time on my hands twiddling my thumbs waiting!

buttonmoon78 Tue 12-Apr-11 20:23:22

If you are induced you should not be alone. If the contractions are coming too fast then ask for the drip to be turned down a bit. They started mine off slowly and gradually increased the concentration.

Good luck, what ever happens!

JenAT Tue 12-Apr-11 22:10:15

Thanks Button I didn't actually have to have drip only a pessary. But the problem was, it took ages for contractions to start in earnest and then when they did I was stuck on an antenatal ward, as no beds on labour ward.

SelinaDoula Tue 12-Apr-11 23:43:45

One of my clients went to 43 weeks with both babies (but went into labour naturally) . She had a hospital birth with DD1 and a homebirth for DD2. Her Mum had a baby ay 44 weeks and her grandama apparently at 46 (though not sure about those dates).
It can run in the family. I think some women will naturally have shorter and longer than average gestations naturally.

Mumcah Wed 13-Apr-11 21:44:39

A friend of mine had her 2nd induction recently. No signs of imminent labour,the baby was born four hours after they broke her waters.
I predict and quick and extremely speedy delivery for you!

I have never been induced but DD was 11 days late and DS was 3 days late. With DD I tried all the usual bollocks old wives tales and the 2nd time i did nothing.
Good luck and let us know how you get on. Fingers crossed you go into labour naturally.

tngirl67 Sat 02-Apr-16 04:09:07

I personaly believe it could be possible to not labor naturally. My due date was off by a month due to a cyvle in the first month. We did not know this at the time, and I ended up having a 10lb 22" baby girl. At the time, i was told she was not full term, and that I delivered at less than 40 weeks. Actually, I believe she was atleast 3 weeks overdue, if not more! I had every problem described in post term pregnancy, she was born into 3 month clothing and able to briefly hold her head up. I never dilated past 2 centimeters, my cervix did not soften, I did not drop my mucus plug, and I did not progress on my own. They induced me with Pitocin and it still took 14 hours for my water to break. I was in active labor for 2 days and pushed for 4 hours and she NEVER crowned. They had to go in and get her before things got really bad. Given all of this, I do belive that, had I lived in another time, we would have both died. I can't say that I would not have eventually gone into natural labor, but I do know for a fact that she was a very very late term baby and we are alive due to modern medical procedures.

stairway Sun 03-Apr-16 08:36:09

Let's hope op has now had her baby!

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