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Fentons Procedure NOT working !!

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BevTay Mon 04-Apr-11 13:34:45

Has anyone has the Fenton's procedure and it hasnt worked? That's what's happened to me and i dont know what the next step is, my doctor doesnt want to do the operation again incase it doesnt work again but what else can i do?

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first1 Tue 05-Apr-11 20:53:08

I had a full restitch 3months postnatal. That was in august last year and I really am glad I did it. I'd hate for you to require yet more surgery but perhaps it's something you could discuss with the consultant?

muslimah28 Tue 05-Apr-11 22:15:39

i have read about a couple of people who had to have it twice. it might be worth looking up on netmums forums, i found when i had major problems with my stitches there were more threads on there about it than here on mumsnet (though i did get amazing support on here too). also there were more people on netmums discussing fentons. it might be worth you understanding more about why it didn't work and why redoing it again isn't considered to be an option ie discussing these things with your doctor, and maybe get a second opinion if youre still unhappy.


BevTay Wed 06-Apr-11 13:23:11

Thank you both for your advice. I've had this problem for 4 year and it ruins every relationship i have.
I've spoke to my doctor and he said he would refer me to someone else. I hope he's not just fobbing me off though as its ruined all my confidence and really cant cope with it any more. I've left a message with my doctors receptionist this morning to ask how much it would be to go private. i dont have much money but would do anything to get this problem fixed.

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first1 Sat 09-Apr-11 10:17:06

I went privately in the end because I just could not deal with a lengthy nhs wait and cope with a new baby. If you're in London I'd be happy to recommend my surgeon. She has become a great friend now and I've recommended her to two friends for various gynae things. As well as private she is also clinical lead director of a major London teachin hospital.

BevTay Mon 11-Apr-11 09:05:09


Thank you for your reply. I live in Cumbria so couldnt be further from London haha but i would be willing to travel anywhere to see someone that could help me.
Could you tell me roughly how much it is to go private. I asked my doctor a week ago to find out how much it would be and i still dont have an answer.

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first1 Mon 11-Apr-11 20:06:55

The operation itself (Inc surgeon and anaesthetist fees) plus day patient nursing care (I was only in a total of 12 hours) was £1600. I had a pre and post consultation with the consultant each costing £150, so all in all £1900. Hope that helps!

BevTay Tue 12-Apr-11 08:54:12

Wow, that's expensive !!!
Thank you for telling me, even if i could just pay for a consultation, at least i'd be one step further to getting this problem fixed.
I'm gonna have to speak to my GP again.
To be honest, I'm not sure if the same operation as i had done last time would be the answer. I think maybe a skin graft but i'm no expert, i'm just desperate to get an answer.
Thanks for your help, its much appreciated !

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first1 Tue 12-Apr-11 13:36:42

You're more than welcome. Perhaps if you could afford an initial consultation the consultant could tell u what you need. And as most private consultants work in the nhs too, a lot are compassionate towards self funding patients and see their private patients on their nhs list, just bump them to the top. (I was self funding, I required a few scans which I couldn't afford so she saw me in her nhs clinic for them the very same day!) x

sprinkles77 Tue 12-Apr-11 13:52:13

1. get a second opinion...see someone who has been recommended by word of mouth.
2. double check that surgery is your best option. I assume your problem is causing painful intercourse. Other potential diagnoses are: thrush, genital herpes (i think you'd know if you had this though), vulvodynia (treated with exercises and sometimes counselling, it's a bit like migraine in that its a real and serious physical condition that can be exacerbated by your state of mind).

In the mean time, a useful exercise... doing your pelvic floor exercises in reverse. So instead of squeezing as if holding in a wee, push as if trying to hurry one out. Sounds weird, but do this holding a mirror and you will see that it helps stretch things a bit. When you have sex, use lots of lube, and as his penis goes in try to do this pushing out thing. Also try to get an angle of penetration which puts no pressure on the sore part. I found rear entry very bad indeed, and me on top fine. Honestly, it made a big difference to me. Obviously you need to be able to discuss this with your partner. Best of luck.x

BevTay Wed 13-Apr-11 13:28:06

First1: That's really good to know !! However the good news is after a lot of being a nuisance, my doctor has refered me to Newcastle hospital and after my telephone call to them yesterday saying how desperate i am to see somebody, they have arranged an appointment for me next tuesday. Fingers crossed this is the start of getting things fixed ! X

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BevTay Wed 13-Apr-11 13:31:43

Sprinkles77: Thanks for the info on exercises, i will try them!!!
The different positions with sex, i have tried them all and i still tear. Unfortunately my boyfriend has decided he cant cope with the problem and has finished our relationship.
Hopefully i will get things sorted for if i ever start up another relationship or if he decides to give us another go. X

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sprinkles77 Wed 13-Apr-11 13:52:49

Sounds like BF was a twat then. Even one the problem is all sorted an unsupportive BF can make things start up again. I told my DH all about the whole thing before we even slept together and made him examine the scar with good lighting and in great detail before I would let him anywhere near me! And he still married me!

Also I found condoms made things much worse, so we went for all the STI checks first. Another reason to make sure you really are intimate before you get intimate!

Oh, and I know this sounds crazy....but I was so terrified of getting the problem back after DS, that I said they were not allowed to let me tear, that I wanted them to cut me instead so I had a neater wound that would be easier to stitch nicely. After all that my induction failed and i had am emcs. I wonder if the induction failed because I was so worried about my fourchette (the fancy word for the bit that they snip with a fentons)!

BevTay Wed 13-Apr-11 16:55:31

Sounds like you have a really supportive husband, wish i could find one haha !!
That is something i wonder about actually, if i have kids in the future (I have a nearly 3 year old son now) would i tear again and be back to square one !! That's someting to worry about in a few year though, got to find a fella first !!

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BevTay Wed 20-Apr-11 08:51:07

Well i seen the doctor at Newcastle hospital yesterday and basically she said there isnt anything they can do for me. She said my skin is thin down there but because i have tried every cream possible over the past 5 years, there is nothing she can suggest !!
I mentioned a skin graft and she said nobody had ever asked her about one of the before. She said skin should really heal itself and mine does, its just that it is thin.
Has anyone any suggestions where i go from here????

I can understand the ex boyfriends point of view that it puts him off having sex with me because he knows he's gonna tear me but i've said it doesnt hurt at the time, just afterwards. He says he cant cope with it.
Do you think i will ever find someone that can cope with it? I really wish he would support me.

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first1 Wed 20-Apr-11 10:51:44

I'd say that's a load of bull. My surgeon told me that no woman should have to suffer and that includes you sweetie. Creams are not the answer, and boy I've tried them all! (but I do rate fucibet!) go back to gp, ask for a referral to both a different hospital AND a tissue viability nurse as they spend every day of their lives examining wounds and scars and often know much more than some doctors about these things xx

BevTay Wed 20-Apr-11 16:06:39

Thanks for your reply!!
Would you say i need to be asking to see someone in dermatology or gynecology??
My heart sank when the doctor told me that yesterday !!
I'm not seeing my gp until a week tomorrow but i'm gonna look up skin grafts etc and take all the suggestions with me. I'm gonna say to the gp i will travel anywhere in the country as long as i see someone who will help !! xxx

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first1 Wed 20-Apr-11 17:09:31

I'd say a gynae specialising in childbirth injury xx

jenmum2three Wed 04-May-11 15:08:29

HI. Just your post i had my first fentons procedure on the 5 jan 2011 and mine didnt heal up all my stitches fell out before they should of even though they were dis solvable stitched they fell out!!!!!!! and then i ended up getting infections cos it was a open wound..... i am off into hospital fri 6 may so this fri coming to have it all done again but this tym they are having to cut the skin away which got the infection in it and cut all the skin out from were the wound opened up as i have bin left with a hole. would really love to hear from you

jenmum2three Wed 04-May-11 15:16:49

just thought i would add i got told cos they cut all my extra skin off when i had my first fentons that skin might be tight when stitching me back together and the dr told me if it too tight whilst i am asleep when doing my op they would look round a way so its not tight so that to me sounds like they might take skin from somwhere else to add it to the place i need it so it isnt too tight xx

wadzey Tue 25-Oct-11 13:27:25

hi i had my first fentons in 2004 after yrs of painful sex, at carlisle hospital, needless to say it hasn't worked i too have been fobed of with creams and lubes, so i have pestered and pestered to se the gyne again, saw her yesterday she is going to do th e procedure again i hope and pray it works this time too! i also have been told i have very thin skin!!! even foreplay can be painful until i relax, i have an extremely loving caring husband but it's me who feels like i am denying him the pleasure that comes natural, we have been together 10 yrs married for 5 and i can count on 1 hand how many time we have had proper sex!!! so i am hoping for my sanity that this works this time round, i said to the gynecologist yesterday you people can make a man into a woman or a woman into a man but you can't make me normal why? she said she would try her best, she was very nice they call her dr gillies and she treats people in the west cumberland hospital, she did not do the first procedure by the way! hope to here how you are getting on bev tay, all the best karen

goodnightmoon Tue 25-Oct-11 15:03:51

you poor thing - i hope they sort it out soon. Mine fortunately was a total success. And I've just been told I can have a c-section for number two (for that and other reasons) so I hopefully am saved from ever going through it all again!

Imperfectangel888 Sun 11-Nov-12 03:30:28

I have to get a Fenton's procedure done at the end of the month. They said i would be put under GA.. but i am terrified that i won't wake up from it! Has anybody had this done under LA?? Was it really painful? I don't know what i should do.. at this point i really just want to cancel the whole thing as this fear that i won't be around to see my son grow up scares me everytime i think of being put to sleep sad Is it worth it??

cardamomginger Sun 11-Nov-12 19:51:29

I had Fenton's plus other stuff done in June and I was under a GA. A friend had something gynae with a greater degree of invasiveness done under a spinal block. Might that be something the surgeon and anaesthetist would consider? If you want to discuss it with them, I'd raise it with them ASAP. No GA is without risk, but they are very safe. If you are otherwise healthy, you should be absolutely fine. Have you had one before? Did you have a bad experience with one? In my experience, theatre staff are great and really understand that people do not want to be there and might be quite scared for a variety of completely understandable reasons. I hate GAs too, and I've found that telling the staff about my fears has helped.
It's horrible isn't it sad. So sorry you have to go through this.

Imperfectangel888 Sun 11-Nov-12 23:56:08

Thanks so much for the reply. Yes i had GA before when i was young and i vomited afterwards so maybe that is where the fear comes from. I did have an epidural during labour and it was fine, so yeah maybe i could ask them about a spinal block instead smile Yeah it is horrible, i thought the worst part would be labour and once it was over after 6 weeks i would be back to myself. I am 6 months postpartum now and it is so frustrating that it hasn't healed. xx

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