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Im in labour- need company!

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mama2plusbump Tue 29-Mar-11 22:57:08

3dc... Irregular contractions lasting between 45-60 seconds, having to breath through them and stop what i am doing.
Dh is sleeping
Dd1 and dd2 sleePing
My mum sleeping
I want to sleep but cant so want some company

TheVisitor Tue 29-Mar-11 22:58:06

How exciting! grin Are you having a home birth?

GastonTheLadybird Tue 29-Mar-11 22:58:58

Very exciting! Good luck!

cowboylover Tue 29-Mar-11 23:02:27

Exciting! I hope your feeling well with it!

Do you know what you are having?

DoodleAlley Tue 29-Mar-11 23:03:31

Oh very exciting! Keep up the good work! I had emcs and never really had the whole being at home counting the contractions and so it still holds an exciting mystique to me!

I remember a midwife at the antinatal classes saying to remember that each contraction is one contraction closer to meeting your baby. I really like that idea thou know it might seem a but naive to those who have gone thru the whole contraction thing before.

I'm trying to lose weight before ttc for second child so am slightly envious if you. But sending you encouraging thoughts over the Internet!!!

ragged Tue 29-Mar-11 23:04:45

How frequent are the ctx coming?

mama2plusbump Tue 29-Mar-11 23:04:49

No a home birth,i was highrisk until 38weeks, im 40 weeks plus 6!
I reckon im having a dd...
Im feeling ok but frustrated i normally labour well but i feel panicky this time around

MrsRhettButler Tue 29-Mar-11 23:07:10

ooooh a birth!

are they not bad enough for you to wake your dh or mum for support? i'm sure they wouldn't mind?

mama2plusbump Tue 29-Mar-11 23:09:19

Between 5-10 mins according to ma app, i never have regular contractions...they are lasting longer and quiet strong.

I feel i need the loo! I hate that feeling.
My second i was induced so on monitor the whole time, so i feel abit lost this time. Bern told to go in when 3 in 10mins

Thanks everyone for posting...

Good luck trying!

mama2plusbump Tue 29-Mar-11 23:11:13

I meant not a homebirth!
Dh said wake me when you need to go hosp! He will just annoy me lol.
My mum just fell asleep and if tonight the night she will be watching dds who are 2.5 and 1.5 so needs her energy

TheVisitor Tue 29-Mar-11 23:11:31

As it's your third I wouldn't leave it too long especially as you have the needing the loo feeling. Wake your DH and make sure your bag's ready.

GeekLove Tue 29-Mar-11 23:11:55

How exiting! How often are they coming? When it was mr they were every 3-4mins for up to a minute from 10.00 onwards until 23.41 when he was born. Are there thing s you want to do like potter around as I did baking and a spot of gardening before they became strong enough to immobilise me.

DoodleAlley Tue 29-Mar-11 23:13:11

Are you keeping moving to help the contractions?

DoodleAlley Tue 29-Mar-11 23:14:28

Sorry I'm now chuckling at the idea if of lady in labour gardening at 11pm in the dark!!!

No offence meant it just amused!

Jacksmania Tue 29-Mar-11 23:15:10

Ohh, a labour thread!! I'm in the Pacific Time Zone, it's only 3:15 pm here so will be around for a while.
How's it going?

NonnoMum Tue 29-Mar-11 23:16:32

Agree with TheVisitor.

And good luck.

MrsRhettButler Tue 29-Mar-11 23:18:07

i laughed too doodle grin

yes, are you moving mama?

sharbie Tue 29-Mar-11 23:18:10

exciting good luck x

mama2plusbump Tue 29-Mar-11 23:18:16

Bags in the car as went hospital before when i thought waters broke. I was in bed but had to get up as last contraction was painful,will jump on the ball

The midwife was quite rude and implied i was making things up as im over. So hoping her shift ended.

architien Tue 29-Mar-11 23:20:26

Aparantly good advice is to ride out the rushes/contractions, envisage opening up and your baby just slipping out. Goodness best of thoughts are with you x

TheVisitor Tue 29-Mar-11 23:21:39

Why are some midwives like that? When my labour started with the triplets the bloody midwife didn't believe me.

NonnoMum Tue 29-Mar-11 23:22:02

How fast were your previous labours?

I know lots of third babies that practically come shooting out...

mama2plusbump Tue 29-Mar-11 23:22:17

Gymball now...getting painful.
Lol at gardening...i just want to sleep

architien Tue 29-Mar-11 23:22:47

Same here, got to full dialation at home, really shouldn't have moved at that point but they wouldn't believe me either.

Jacksmania Tue 29-Mar-11 23:23:14

Why are some midwives such fucking cows?? angry I don't get it - pardon me for making you do your effing job you cowbag!

Sorry, unproductive, I know, but it does my head in!!

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