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When were your babies born?

(119 Posts)
Crawling Fri 18-Mar-11 16:05:52

Night or day?

GetDownYouWillFall Fri 18-Mar-11 16:33:07


AddictedtoCrunchies Fri 18-Mar-11 16:34:11


MrsBloomingTroll Fri 18-Mar-11 17:39:51


frida75 Fri 18-Mar-11 17:40:38

24.05am and 10.49am

Flisspaps Fri 18-Mar-11 17:41:18


ChasingSquirrels Fri 18-Mar-11 17:41:30

11.55pm and 00.36am

Nagoo Fri 18-Mar-11 17:41:35

10.03am and 06.49am

Indith Fri 18-Mar-11 17:42:08

5am ish for both of them. Quite civilised really,go to bed, have a couple of hours kip, wake up around midnight and pop a baby out by morning grin

Fantail Fri 18-Mar-11 18:04:31


LawrieMarlow Fri 18-Mar-11 18:06:32

2:50am and 1:26pm

Sinkingfeeling Fri 18-Mar-11 18:07:15

10.37 am, 10.39 am and 4.40 pm - all very civilised.

mondayschild Fri 18-Mar-11 18:09:15


COCKadoodledooo Fri 18-Mar-11 18:10:08

Ds1 9:56am (Monday morning, after getting to hospital Saturday morning hmm)

Ds2 1:19pm

Strictly Fri 18-Mar-11 18:18:28

4.53pm and 5.33am

OFGS Fri 18-Mar-11 18:19:49

Both born around lunchtime!

TysonNobdie86 Fri 18-Mar-11 18:20:31

20.20 and 00.30

givemebagels Fri 18-Mar-11 18:22:15

2.24pm - would have been more civilised if I had got any sleep the night before

thisisyesterday Fri 18-Mar-11 18:30:29

ds1 and ds2 were both born in the day
ds3 was born at night

boosmummie Fri 18-Mar-11 18:32:18

DD1 06.42
DD2 16.28
DS 20.52
DD3 20.52 - nope they're not twins - 12 years apart, exactly the same time though.

Geepers Fri 18-Mar-11 18:33:40

One was 4 am, the other eight were all between mid day and early evening.

LilyBolero Fri 18-Mar-11 18:35:46

Ds1 19:10
Dd 10:00 am
Ds2 16:00
Ds3 05:30 am

ethelina Fri 18-Mar-11 18:36:25


TheSecondComing Fri 18-Mar-11 18:37:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spiderlight Fri 18-Mar-11 18:38:05


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