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one to one midwives wirral

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cheepy Mon 28-Feb-11 17:23:32

Anyone had anything to do with this service.My GP sending me to them for care rather than the local community midwives. I thought I was supposed to get a choice?? Had brillant care last time from community midwives am a bit suspect of this service.

Bue Mon 28-Feb-11 19:53:57

Doesn't that service provide total continuity of care from antenatal through postnatal? Sounds great to me, I'd jump at it!

GruffalosGirl Mon 28-Feb-11 21:54:15

I think they're trialling it in certain areas of the Wirral at the moment, it's not where I live. It's supposed to be better than what everyone else gets though and if it's successful they'll roll it out everywhere.

cheepy Tue 01-Mar-11 13:11:18

I had great continuity last time and they aren't going to look after me in labour anyway so don't really see the point.Knowing my GP its probably a cheaper service! From what I've heard both the midwives are very junior. What bugs me the most is not being given a choice by my GP it should be up to me not him.Its good that other services are available but it should be the womans choice Probably going to stick to what I want and have a homebirth with my local community midwife which is what I had last time the care could not have been better.

GruffalosGirl Tue 01-Mar-11 13:27:08

Did they say you could do that? I was under the impression that in the one to one areas you couldn't access any other care as this had replaced the community midwives in those areas. I suppose if it's a trial they may be running both.

You did well last time, I was a home birth in west wirral just over two years ago before the service changed and there was no continuity of care at all in the community, it was terrible.

However, this time round since they've gone to community or hospital the community care has been brilliant where we are.

ninabates11 Mon 07-Mar-11 05:42:14

I'm currently under the One To One midwives in the Wirral and all I can say is that they are brillaint midwives and both me and my partner get on really well with them. They are very professional and do everything from looking after you all the way through the pregnancy up until the 6 weeks check after baby is born and I would really recommend them to any one. I've had my scans with them and all my bloods and other stuff normal midwives ask you about. I actually prefer the One to One midwives to other midwife care I've had in the past.

pollyannadoodle Sun 15-May-11 14:21:16

Just found this thread. GP has sent me to One to One. Would rather see the community midwife who looked after me last time, she was brilliant, saw her all through my pregnancy and after I had my daughter, she helped with all my BF problems. Why can't we have a choice of which midwives look after us? I live in Birkenhead, friend who lives in Wallasey is seeing the same community midwife who has looked after her twice before. Thinking of changing GP so I can book with the Arrowe Park midwives. Have tried ringing the One to One midwife a few times but cant get through, she is sending me to the Womens Hospital in Liverpool to have my baby but I want to go to Arrowe Park. Anyone else due in November who lives on the Wirral?

icclemel Sun 15-May-11 23:08:54

Hi pollyanna,
I'm currently living in birkenhead and am due late October, and my doctor sent me to one to one. They've been great with me, and I've been allowed to choose which hospital I want (chose arrowe park). Another benefit of one to one is that you get to see your baby in 3d at your scans for free, and they put all of your scan photos onto a cd for you.

sammy84 Mon 16-May-11 15:44:09

Choice should defiantly be offered I also had the one to one midwives who were brilliant they even did some of ante natal care in the evening at home so my husband could be present. I also took the hypnobirthing course with Maureen at hypnobirthingmerseyside, she was absolutely fantastic< i highly recommend it.

cheepy Wed 18-May-11 19:45:18

Hi pollyanna You do have a choice its your pregnancy and you can go where you want. Go back to your gp and insist on referral back to the midwives and hospital of your choice. I too was more or less told I had to go to one to one but stood my ground. You can contact PALS at your local primary care trust who can help if you have any obstruction from your GP.

oxtonmum Thu 19-May-11 16:48:11

I'm under one to one midwives and all i can say is it's a fantastic service, I can't fault my care, my midwife has been outstanding from day one. With my first daughter I was under the NHS and delivered at APH. I think all the midwives at APH do an outstanding job but sadly like with any NHS service it's all about trying to see as many patients as possible and you end up feeling like you are on a conveyer belt being rushed in and out of appointments. With one to one I have seen the same mw from my first appointment at 6 weeks pregnant, I have never been rushed through, if I had any questions or worries my midwife was only too happy to sit with me and talk. The majority of my antenatal checks were done in the comfort of my own home, which meant I didn't have to find a babysitter for my 2 year old. I saw my midwife pretty much every 3-4 weeks which if I was under the NHS just wouldn't have been the case as a second time mum.
As for a choice of care, of course I had a choice! My Dr asked me where I wanted to give birth APH or Liverpool Woman's. I chose APH as I had my first daughter there and had no issues. A week later I had a small bleed and saw a different doctor who gave me a leaflet on one to one. I gave them a call and was given an appointment to meet them when I was 6 weeks pregnant. From then on I was under their care, completely of my own choosing and freewill no one made me go with them, I could of quite easily kept my care with APH but as I'd already been down the NHS route I decided to give one to one a go.
Im really glad my dr gave me the leaflet about one to one, if he hadn't I would never have met my fantastic midwife who gave me personal & professional care from the start. I'm still seeing her now and my baby girl is 4 weeks old. One to one midwives are an exceptional service and I think every pregnant woman should be able to have the care I have had.

MrsLowmain Sat 12-Nov-11 11:40:43

I think the one to one service is an amazing choice for women who are pregnant on the Wirral. It used to be just local to Birkenhead but now anyone who lives in the Wirral can access this service. And it is so simple as well!!! You can refer yourself!!! Just go to and fill out the form yourself! You can do it if you are weeks pregnant or even if you are currently having your antenatal care with a local hospital. My friend is currently using the service and absolutely thinks its the best thing since sliced bread lol! And if you think about it logically, if you were pregnant, what would you rather do? Sit around at hospitals waiting for appointments or have your very own named midwife doing all your visits at home?? Continuity of care highly impacts on the kind of delivery you have and if you have a midwife who you 100% trust then you are more likely to have a positive birthing experience! Take a chance! What have you go to lose? If you don't like them then go back to the hospital!! One to one will be getting my business next time I am pregnant thats for sure!!!

Rikalaily Sat 12-Nov-11 16:40:10

So glad to see this! We are thinking about no.5 atm and live on the Wirral, Will definately be signing up for when expecting, will be booking a homebirth so this will be alot better for us. Also easier for me with young'uns and not driving.

Withwoman Sat 12-Nov-11 20:25:53

This is an excellent service. I would have loved the chance to be part of caseload midwifery.

stuffthenonsense Sun 13-Nov-11 19:55:46

rikalaily , i am with one to one, planning a homebirth for my fifth due in a few months.....they are now doing prenatal care too...give them a call!!!
such an amazing and positive experience, you have nothing to lose by calling.

stuffthenonsense Sun 13-Nov-11 19:57:04

oh, and i forgot to mention, they now have intrapartum insurance, so they can help you birth your baby at home.

stuffthenonsense Sun 13-Nov-11 20:24:06

Gah...i meant pre CONCEPTION of course they do prenatal

Withwoman Mon 14-Nov-11 15:49:49

Antenatal....we live in the UK not america!!! lol

stuffthenonsense Mon 14-Nov-11 16:18:32

oops, sorry, can i blame the hormones?

MrsLowmain Mon 14-Nov-11 17:07:31

Any of you girls who are pregnant or are thinking of adding to your family should definitely use this service!!! Who wants to travel to the local hospital and sit around for hours to have an appointment with a midwife who you will probably never ever see again??? I'd much rather be sitting in me own cosy home with a cuppa watching jeremy kyle and wait for the midwife to come to me!!! lol!!! Or am I just lazy??? Saying that, I've got a shedload of kids so the idea of traipsing up the hospital with them fills me with horror anyway!!! smile God girls, I cannot promote this service enough!!! It excites me so much!!! And YES, they have intrapartum insurance now for all you girls who want a homebirth!!! If you want to have your baby on the Midwifery Led Unit at Liverpool Womens Hospital then the One-to-One midwives can also deliver your baby!!! If you want your baby at Arrowe Park then the One-to-One midwives can only go to support you but they will still be there by your side to see you through one of the most important days of your lives!!! x

Finallygotaroundtoit Mon 14-Nov-11 22:51:09

Are the One to one mws independent or NHS?

Interested because a friend reluctantly gave up the idea of a HB with indie mw because she believed that NO uk mws currently have insurance for HBs outside the NHS.

Who is insuring one to one?

BeauMW Tue 15-Nov-11 00:30:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Finallygotaroundtoit Tue 15-Nov-11 07:00:43

Thanks Beau.

DF is too far from the Wirral but it's good to hear they are indepebent - hope it's the start of a swing back to insured inde mws

BeauMW Thu 17-Nov-11 23:10:32

Ah it's a shame. I think everyone deserves a choice, hopefully it won't be too long until it spreads further.

KellyKettle Fri 18-Nov-11 18:46:53

I would love it if this was a model which could be rolled out to other IMs.

Do you know how they managed to get insurance?

My IM has visited me at least once a week for the last 5 weeks (since birth). The support has been amazing. Wish I'd had her for DD1s birth.

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