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One Born Every Minute - Who's had a Forceps delivery?

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Treadmillmom Mon 07-Feb-11 23:03:55

Mum of 3 fortunately all text book natural un aided deliveries.
I've just watched tonights One Born Every Minute and the forceps delivery, I am stunned!
The midwife seems to be putting her back into it, dragging the baby out, is that okay for the baby? How is it possible the baby isn't born with neck injuries?
Also mom, doesn't having 2 metal tongs inside you not shred and bruise you?
Tell me please, I was totally grimacing as if I were there.

EarthMotherImNot Tue 08-Feb-11 09:36:31

We are caring for a baby born by a forceps delivery and watching last nights episode explained to me exactly why he looked the way he did when he arrived at ours the following day.

The side of his face, actually both sides but one worse than the other, was badly bruised, his eyes where puffy and his head seemed oddly elongated so that from the side he looked like a little alien.

As others have said though, he was absolutely fine after a few days and at almost 5 months now, he is an utter joysmile

MaybeTomorrow Tue 08-Feb-11 09:39:08

My DD was born via Ventouse and like someone else's experience, the Consultant had her foot on the bed with the force that she was pulling! I was shocked, it was more the way she shouted at me though, like we were in the Oxford V Cambridge boat race! "And push and push and push and push and push" I very nearly swore... wink

When DD was born her head was badly mishapen and cut and her eyelid was damaged and wouldn't open past half-mast. She had an op at Xmas (18 months old) to hold it open which hasn't worked and so she will need to go through it again at some point. sad

But my BF's DS was born with a Ventouse aswell and his head was ripped so badly that they couldn't even hold him and she could never breast feed him as he would scream in agony when she tried to hold him in a way that would enable him to feed. I've seen the pics (didn't know her at the time) and it looks really awful. He's fine now though! smile

As for me, it took 12 weeks for me to able to walk properly and even now, 20 months on, every time AF turns up, I'm in agony down there. Next time I will be insisting on an ELCS!!

expatinscotland Tue 08-Feb-11 09:41:10

I had a ventouse with DS and you couldn't even tell.

No episiotomy, he was my 3rd, but I did have a 2nd degree tear that needed stitched.

Carikube Tue 08-Feb-11 09:41:31

DD1 was forceps but I didn't feel anything as they had given me a spinal block (thankfully! - I'd been pushing for 5 hours before that so was a tad tired). DH was very concerned about me though as he didn't realise how complete the pain relief was so when both registrars (there were 2 there for some reason) started pulling and one of them had a foot on the bed he feared what I was going through...

Couldn't sit down for 2 weeks afterwards mind you and DD1 had forceps marks down both sides of her face for a few days afterwards. We did take her to a cranial osteopath as my MW recommended this to help ease any trauma she may have suffered and I would honestly recommend this to anyone who delivered by forceps.

slug Tue 08-Feb-11 10:03:17

I had a forceps delivery with no pain relief (one of the reasons I only have one child confused) I have a vivid memory of the doctor with one foot on the bed putting all her weight into dragging DD out.

DH was a forceps delivery, he has a small bald spot above his ear where the forceps permanantly damaged the skin.

Dumbledoresgirl Tue 08-Feb-11 10:11:36

I had a forceps delivery for my first baby. The doctor (a huge man with hands like dinner plates I recall) took hold of the forceps and pulled so hard, I slid down the bed and nearly off the end! For the second pull, I had a mw on one side and dh on the other, holding my arms and pulling against the doctor as he pulled my baby out. It sounds brutal, and I guess it was, but my baby was in stuck and in distress and he needed to come out straightaway. This hospital didn't do epidurals so all this on G&A, pethidine, and I think a local jab before they did the episiotomy.

The after effects: yes ds had bruises on the side of his head, but they soon went and I don't think he was damaged in any other way. He is a perfectly bright 14 year old now (I was going to say "pleasant" but he is 14, iykwim!). I had had an episiotomy so yes I had stitches and no I couldn't sit comfortably for a week or so. I do remember crying a couple of days after the delivery because the whole labour had been so frightening. But I got over it and went on to have three other pregnancies and labours, so it wasn't that bad.

valiumredhead Tue 08-Feb-11 10:40:44

I was a forceps delivery apparently - my baby pics are not pretty - my head is a very odd shape!

TheSecondComing Tue 08-Feb-11 10:59:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TryingVeryHard Tue 08-Feb-11 11:01:08

Very similar story here, DS delivered with forceps, I had a spinal block (thank goodness) and an episiotomy that didn't cause a massive problem to be honest. DS temples though were bruised, his eyes where puffy and his head was oddly elongated too....he didn't seem to be too distressed but what worried me most in the first couple of days was that he would throw up a lot of his milk (midwives insisted he kept some in so I calmed down in the end).
He also had a lump on his neck which sent me into histerics as I thought I could be a lymph node, turned out to be his neck muscle being torn (or twisted) and I had to do some gentle exercise with him.
We also took him to a cranial osteopath at MW recommendation, it seemed to help the lump dissappear but I can't be sure as it was supposed to get better by itself anyway.

Definitely wouldn't choose to have a forceps delivery if I could help it. If we have a second child, it will be natural unaided or cesarean - nothing inbetween!

GandalfyCarawak Tue 08-Feb-11 11:04:00

My first was forceps, and I remember them having to pull as if it was a tug of war. In fact, I had forgotten till this thread, so thanks wink

He was bruised with a big cut on his head, slight conehead, otherwise fine.

FoghornLeghorn Tue 08-Feb-11 11:04:03

Message deleted

FoghornLeghorn Tue 08-Feb-11 11:07:12

Message deleted

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 08-Feb-11 11:12:22

Watching OBEM last night reinforced to me that I will opt for a csection over forceps (given the baby hasn't decended too far).

I was shocked by the force used to pull the baby out, even dh commented about how awful it must be for mum and baby.

slartybartfast Tue 08-Feb-11 11:16:24

but forceps are not used as a matter of routine, just when necessary. they look worse than they actually are. imo

SimplyTes Tue 08-Feb-11 11:19:53

Had ventouse followed by forceps, watched one being born through fingers last night.

DS1 had swollen head and some bruising. Took DS1 to cranial osteopath for some sessions as think the traumatic birth lead to problems sleeping (actually I was willing to try anything to get him to sleep for more than 90 mins at a time wink)

solo Tue 08-Feb-11 11:22:11

My ds was delivered by Keilands as his head was turned to the side and I couldn't get him out. I had a spinal block and an episiotomy. Ds had a small red mark on his forehead that was gone in a couple of days.
It took me a very long time to get over the epi (about a year!) and the drip that is supposed to be given after a spinal, wasn't put in in the right place, so didn't work and that was horrible, plus I had PPH and a transfusion which ended up with me having an infection in my hand where the needle site was; that was painful too... Wish I'd just tried to push harder tbh and done it myself.

Normal delivery with no intervention with Dd.

jenniec79 Tue 08-Feb-11 11:25:44

I was a forceps delivery! I do have a bit of an odd shaped head in most of my baby pictures, but after a month in SCBU, and 32 years just getting on with things, I think I've turned out ok in the end.grin

All I can't do these days is wear equal sized bunches (strange as I do really have a normal shaped head now), but as an ortho surgeon it's not something I'll lose sleep over - there are other hairstyles shock!

Nippolopolis Tue 08-Feb-11 11:52:18

I had a mid cavity rotational forceps delivery with DS. Consultant had one leg on the bed and was sweating and swearing. I still have flashbacks about the huge pool of blood I glimpsed under the operating table as I was wheeled to recovery.

Didn't actually mind the procedure, had a spinal and was desperate to get him out at that point. Was in A LOT of pain for weeks afterwards though.

DS had no issues, not a mark on him and I went on to have two lovely, natural births without pain relief.

Verso Tue 08-Feb-11 12:03:06

DD1 was a forceps delivery and it was unbelievably horrible, painful and traumatic, for both of us. I still get flashbacks six years on. My DD had huge black bruises and cuts all over her head from failed ventouse and aggressive use of forceps. I ended up doubly incontinent, unable to walk from the pain for several weeks. The "feeling better by six weeks post-birth" idea was just a joke. I had a third (almost fourth) degree tear, stitches, massive haemorrhage, and had to re-learn how to control my bowels and bladder in the next couple of years. Yes. Forceps deliveries ARE that bad.

The after "care" was a joke. I ended up back in hospital. Dreadful, dreadful experience.

Needless to say DD2 was a planned caesarean and I get very very angry when people say that women shouldn't be allowed to have them.

ElfOnTheTopShelf Tue 08-Feb-11 12:04:48

I'm glad I am not the only one who is shocked! I am pregnant with my second, but my first was a planned c-section so this (hopefully) will be my first natural delivery. DH and I watched OBEM and I was wide mouthed!
Shall be reading all the thread shortly to try to reassure myself...

carolondon Tue 08-Feb-11 12:06:11

I had on my birth plan NO FORCEPS under any circumstances mostly because i had read so many horror stories on mumsnet.
predictably they had to use forceps, however, it was totally fine. I already had an epidural so there was no pain. They cut me and DS had a slight mark on his face but we were both fine the next day. i could hardly feel my stitches and didn't even need the pain killers they gave me and was up and about as soon as the epidural wore off.
i am posting this not to seem smug but to reassure people that it can be a positive experience. I wish i had read more positive forceps experiences on here before my birth.

memphis83 Tue 08-Feb-11 12:09:14

i had forceps, the woman doing was shaking she used so much force, i had a mobile epidural so could still feel pressure and when i shouted your going to break my pelvis she said i assure you im not, ive put something up there to stop it breaking!!! then i said my babies head!!!but she ignored me, i had over 30 stitches and had to have a cathether for 3 days as they mashed my insides up so much, the forceps they used on me were 2 seperate pieces

AllieAG Tue 08-Feb-11 12:09:58

I was shocked at how much effort the doctor put in! I never imagine it like like, I thought it was just a gentle pull!

Acinonyx Tue 08-Feb-11 12:11:47

Dd was forceps. I had a spinal block though so it seemed pretty easy at the time (following a horrible labour).

Dd's face was very bruised on one side and she has a very tiny scar now under one eye.

I was really knocked up though and spent 9 days in special care. I had a lot of pain inside, especially around my tailbone, and didn't walk properly for about a year. OK after that though. If I had been able to have another they assured me I would get CS.

All worth it of course and I would do it again if that was the only option or I could have another. You have to take the looong view....

baggabones Tue 08-Feb-11 12:12:01

I had an epidural and episiotomy and they used neville barnes forceps. I'd only just had the epidural so felt absolutely nothing at the time but was incredibly sore for 4 weeks afterwards and it took months for me to feel like my nether regions were back to normal.

My little boy had a few marks on the side of his head but other than that seemed absolutely fine. How do they manage to not get neck injuries though?!

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