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FreckledLeopard Wed 06-Feb-13 16:31:26

I had DD there in 2001 (so things may have changed a little, but my friend had her DD there a few years ago and it seemed just as good).

Labour Ward was fantastic. They were really supportive of birth plan, offered me water birth or to labour in pool if I felt like it (gave it a go for several hours - in the end pain went through roof and I wasn't dilating so came out). Had a wonderful epidural, lots of support and encouragement. Really nice place to give birth.

Postnatal wasn't as lovely, but then having not had any sleep for several days and having a DD who howled lots, I spent a lot of time howling too. But there was certainly nothing to complain about as such - it was just busy and I didn't like not having my own room. But overall, I loved it there and had such a positive birth experience.

BubblesPebblesx2 Mon 04-Feb-13 22:05:14

I had my son there in 2010. They were brilliant, was a very difficult labour and had to have all sorts of assistance but not once did I feel like I wasn't being listened to. Aftercare was also good, had to stay for four days and all midwives were so happy to help when I asked (was my first) and didn't really want to leave if I'm honest!! Poole is far away and doesn't sound like its as caring as Salisbury. Hope this helps!!

NAR4 Thu 31-Jan-13 14:55:09

I also had the choice of Poole hospital but local friends highly recommended Salisbury to me.

I had my DD at Salisbury in 2011 and found all the midwifes to be very supportive of whatever I wanted to do. I had a drip for induction and IV antibiotics, so needed constant monitoring throughout my labour. Despite this I was not confined to the bed and was helped to be in whatever position I found most comfortable.

I stayed on the post natal ward for 3 days and although very busy, the midwifes always had time for me and the other women. I felt very well cared for and supported throughout and would highly recommend them.

They offer regular tours so book yourself onto one and get all your questions answered.

shelley72 Thu 31-Jan-13 07:52:09

Photographer lady you are on july thread with me? PM me!!!

photographerlady Wed 30-Jan-13 19:46:59

Has anyone else given birth at salisbury district hospital?

BeautifulBirths Sat 23-Jul-11 22:04:05

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I would ask for a tour of the unit and see what you think. Although I am a midwife I don't work in this unit but have looked round. The decor is ok, the walk in the tunnel to it not so nice. But, the midwives seem lovely. They are a forward thinking unit using aromatherapy, promotion of normal birth even in high risk cases. They have 2 pools. I had my baby there myself and was very well supported.

You can phone the unit to ask for a tour. They will oblige. It is best you are as relaxed as possible prior to the birth so you can actually enjoy it when it happens! Good luck.
Call me if I can help any further. 07828719278

BrightShinySun Wed 09-Feb-11 21:10:10

Hi, just thought I'd add my two pence worth! I had DD1 there in 2006 and they were fine, I was a totally unprepared first timer but knew I wanted as few a drugs etc as possible. They were incredibly busy and did offer an epidural a couple of times but were happy to accept my refusal without pushing it.

I went in at about 4am and although I did get left for several hours, this was because they had a lot of complicated births going on and mine was ticking along complication free! In the end I had DD1 at 2pm and was allowed to leave by 6pm. It was ideal for me as I just wanted to be in and out!

Just incase it's something you'd think about I went on to have a homebirth with DD2 and the Salisbury community midwives are totally fantastic, I had two amazing midwives that were completely hands off and yet perfectly supportive, it really was a great experience.

Ushy Wed 09-Feb-11 15:53:27

Trouble with Andover Birth Centre is that it is fifteen miles to the nearest main hospital if things go wrong.
I know of one near miss - I personally wouldn't use it however good the staff are.

Salisbury is all right but have heard you have to be really demanding if you want an epidural but if you are not bothered about that it should be ok. Good luck

Alij79 Wed 09-Feb-11 13:11:21

I'm so glad you started this thread Fanella!

My husband and I currently live in Andover but are planning on moving to Wiltshire just before baby is due (we are mad yes!!) and Salisbury will be our closest hospital.

I'm currently 'booked in' at Winchester (would have loved the Andover Birth Centre but it's now suspended for births ) and was thinking how good it looked there so was worried about changing hospitals. But from what I've read - this thread in particular so thanks again!! - Salisbury sounds great - especially the 2 birthing pools which I am really interested in.

I was starting to think about hiring a pool and having a home birth as suggested by my midwife last week, but we would both really prefer a hospital birth as this is our first baby.

And I'm the same Fanella - am getting really excited about the birth and everything getting started (although I'm not due until May 9th!!).


FanellaFidge Thu 20-Jan-11 18:44:12

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! Sorry to hear about your complications, it's reassuring to know how well they dealt with them though. Just about made up my mind I think, will book for a tour in a few weeks.

Wow - is it weird to be excited about going into labour?!

countrybump Thu 20-Jan-11 17:54:40

Both my babies were born there, and I also had a late termination due to abnormalities there, and I wouldn't go anywhere else now.

With my first I had pre-eclampsia, was induced, ended in an ECS and my baby was in NICU for a fortnight. We were extremely well looked after throughout. I spent the full 2 weeks on the post natal ward, and was given my own room as I was recovering from CS and didn't have my baby with me, so didn't want to be surrounded by everyone else and their newborns. I received counselling, aromatherapy massages and felt like I was staying in a hotel at times! I even enjoyed the food.

My DD was born there in 2009, and again, I can't fault the care I received. This time VBAC, and I suffered a 3rd degree tear, but, I was repaired in theatre and I honestly wouldn't have known I had torn, it healed to well and gave me no trouble at all. My CS scar has also faded to nothing - you have to really look to see it, such was the surgeons handywork!

The Post natal ward was busy, but I didn't feel as if I was ever overlooked or that if I needed something I wouldn't get it etc.

I also had a lot of help with breast feeding. I was expressing for DS while he was in NICU, and the midwives were all really helpful, and again they were helpful in establishing feeding with DD.

Salisbury is not my closest hospital, but it is the one I wanted and would choose again.

DanJARMouse Thu 20-Jan-11 17:51:36

I had my DD1 (first baby) in Salisbury in 2004 and I had a great experience. We were based in Warminster (DH Army) so we had the choice of MW Unit at Frome (no pain relief except G&A and if you need stitches etc they would transfer you), or Bath or Salisbury for a hospital.

We chose Salisbury as we "knew" the town better than Bath, so could get to the hospital without the use of a map!

I was induced, and had a great experience. totally on the ball, and even let DH stay overnight with me despite it being against the "rules". Epidural was given swiftly, and top up was given when needed.

DD1 was born with the cord around her neck twice and wasnt breathing - they whisked her away but was back with me within minutes and all was ok.

I wasnt really left alone so much, but the midwife present was very hands off, sat in the corner reading notes/writing notes etc.

Post-natal care was hit and miss! I was back no the ward at 5am, DH sent home. I think it was an 8 bed room. They ran me a bath, and looked after DD1 whilst I had the quickest bath of my life! Discharge took a while but they were very busy, but got out at 3pm.

Overall, if I had to have another baby, based on the 3 hospitals I have given birth in, I would choose Salisbury as top choice! x

goodlifemummy Thu 20-Jan-11 17:43:19

I had my twins there in 2005 6 weeks early and they were FANTASTIC I could not have had better care...had pre-eclampsia. I just had my baby boy in there on 21st December, and again, I cannot sing their praises enough. They have 2 pool rooms, one of which I used. I ended up with a c-section after 22 hrs of labour, but hey! I honestly would recommend them. A lot of my friends have had their babies at Poole, but I haven't heard great things about it.

Bue Thu 20-Jan-11 16:09:38

There is a sort of 'Go Compare' for maternity units!

Dr Foster Birth Guide

FanellaFidge Thu 20-Jan-11 15:33:56

Bournemouth unfortunately not an option, else that would be my first choice! Poole seems very large and daunting, where as Salisbury seems smaller(?)

I would prefer to be somewhere that tries not to intefere and lets nature take its course as it were! It sounds as if it is... I don't want to be restricted to a bed covered in monitering stuff unless it's neccessary.

Thank you for the link, I will definately go for a look around.

Cazzr Thu 20-Jan-11 14:31:46

OOh and to mention. I was pleased they let me get in the pool when I did as I gather some places won't let you get in till 5cms and considering I wasn't even softened(effaced?) even tho contracting very strongly every 2 mins, i'm glad they did, it obviously did the trick!

Cazzr Thu 20-Jan-11 14:28:57

Ahh see when I booked to go to salisbury, we wer living in Ringwood so had the option of Bournemouth and Poole too. Didn't even look at those tho as knew I wanted to go to Salisbury.

The ward is midwife led so I guess that would be why, but I do think because I got going quickly after the 2nd pessary and it was busy they didn't need to interfere much.
They had 2 pool rooms and so glad I got to use one (it was a HUGE room btw). The pics on here show the room I gave birth in!!

The unit is in the old part of the hospital (i assume it still is) but the facilities were fine imho, I'd certainly go there again.
I know you can visit there for a look around (we did) so this would probably make you feel better. FYI: Post natal ward is the other side of the corridor from the labour ward.

FanellaFidge Thu 20-Jan-11 14:11:11

Ah! Thank you for replying!

So they are a 'leave you to it' kinda place then! grin Do they have more than one pool? How modern is it?

My choices are Poole or Salisbury. Poole seems quite big, and busy and I've not heard great things.

Cazzr Thu 20-Jan-11 13:50:41

I tagged this thread last night to watch as I didn't have time to reply at the time.

I gave birth to my DS there in 2006 at 40+14. I needed to be induced cos he was late but laboured in the pool and had no other pain relief. I think I was very lucky with that..

The staff seemed ok tho at the time it was VERY busy (everyone seemed to be due in May at my antenatal classes at the time!!).

Only thing was we were pretty much left alone for the majority of the labour. I don't think the midwife thought i'd be as quick as I was (wasn't at all dialated but contracting well before getting in the pool, DS was born 4 hours later). Also only had the one midwife for the delivery, I remember her explaining to DH which colour button to press on the wall if we have a problem.... hmm

Only stayed on postnatal ward for about 15 hours tho so can't really say much about there, again it was very busy.

I believe they do do everything you mentioned above. I had a 2nd deg tear and had to have a consultant for the repair (in delivery room not theatre tho) as it was a bit tricky. He was a bit gruff with the midiwfe but then it was 10-1030 on a sunday night before a bank holiday so I spose I can understand it a bit but was close to getting stroppy with him especially when I had some gas and air in me for the stitches..

Depending on where you are postnatally (I was staying in Amesbury) I have to say the community midwife/health visitor were FAB.

I certainly don't have a nightmare experience to share.

I have heard the Andover birthing centre is fab if you are that way?

I'm under Southampton Princess Anne hospital (One Born Every Minute) this time, tho planning a homebirth or to use the Ashurst Birthing centre anyway...

FanellaFidge Thu 20-Jan-11 12:39:37

Or this afternoon?

May start a new one in chat grin

FanellaFidge Thu 20-Jan-11 08:46:02

Bump in case anyone around this morning?

FanellaFidge Wed 19-Jan-11 21:33:34

Hoping to hear some experiences of the Maternity Unit. Recently moved and not familiar. Hard to get info on the web... wish there was some sort of 'Go Compare' for Maternity Units grin

Are they fully equipped? C-sections, induction, premature, epidural, 3/4th degree tears etc.

How many to a ward?

Are they busy?

Is it a 'leave you to it' or 'lay on the bed we'll do the rest' kind of place?

Would really appreciate hearing from anyone whose been/given birth there


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