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Consultants at Lansdell Suite at St Thomas's

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hrol30 Mon 07-Jan-13 13:23:19

I was lucky to have Mr Kelleher delivery all 3 of my children. The first ventouse and foreseps, the second induced and the third breech so planned c - section. I can not recommend highly enough!!
He was recommended by a surgeon as being clinically boot he is unflappable (i have expreienced first hand) and a genuinely nice person, gentle and calm with a good sense of humour. He runs on time, unless he has a medical emergency and no question-problem is too small for him to answer.
Also of huge importance is that Mr Kelleher always used his trusted team of staff to help in theatre or deliverys....highly important!
The Lansdell suite is the best thing London has to offer if you want NHS expertise (in the event of a medical issue) and slight no means a hotel!
All i can add is book early as he is in great demand! you will have any stresses removed being under the care of a great doctor!

ecat99 Mon 07-Feb-11 11:52:08

Just to add that the costs above are for consultant-led care. Midwife-led care is much cheaper.

ecat99 Sun 06-Feb-11 23:30:11

Thank you for the comments. Sorry did not respond sooner. I decided to go with Dr. Kunde - had a meeting with him and really liked his approach.
MadsUK - at Lansdell you are looking at 2500-3000 for hospital costs, depending on delivery type e.g normal or caesarian (it covers birth and first 24 hours), 690 for each extra night, epidural is 650. Consultant fees are 4000. Plus the cost of scans and blood test (a couple hundred each). I think Portland was 7600 for caesarian, 800 for epidural (plus 50 for each top-up) and something like 1600 for each extra night. I visited both and Queen Charlotte's private suite as well and really liked Lansdell. Plus having the resources of a large NHS hospital (ICU for babies and mothers if need be) made me feel more secure. Good luck.

vanitypear Sat 22-Jan-11 21:40:04

A good friend was very happy - she has had two babies with him, and would go back. She was recommended him by a friend of hers too. I think he was in the Tatler guide - I tried to look but I did find this

samarcanda Fri 21-Jan-11 22:44:05

i'm a patient of Dr Kelleher and so far i really liked him. i had a small scare and called his secretary who dealt with it in minutes, booked me a scan straight away, and the doctor saw me half hour later....
i cannot say how he's gonna be during the birth cause i haven t got there yet....

but so far i would recommend him, he seems knowledgeable and has good bedside manners.

Hi secretary Debbie is super efficient and this for a busy practitioner is very important....

MadsUK Fri 21-Jan-11 17:11:43


Wanted to check what sort of costs is one looking at if I am considering Lansdell Suite at St Thomas. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Many thanks

ecat99 Thu 20-Jan-11 13:23:19

Thank you egyptianprincess and good luck with your pregnancy. I met both Kelleher and Kunde, so am trying to pick between them. Hopefully other mumsnetters will leave some feedback.

egyptianprincess Wed 19-Jan-11 17:20:40

I don't know Mr Kelleher or Mr Kunde but I am currently being looked after by Mr Mascarenhas who has has been wonderful so far. His manner is relaxed and reassuring which I really like.

ecat99 Tue 18-Jan-11 20:29:42

I am 15 weeks pregnant and considering the Lansdell Suite at St Thomas's. Was anyone under the care of Dr. Con Kelleher? I liked him, but he seems to have a very busy practice and does not see patients every day. I would appreciate some feedback, especially regarding his availability. Is he easy to contact with concerns and is he readily available in case of emergency? Also would appreciate any feedback on Dr. Kumar Kunde.
Thank you

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