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Episotomy stiches too tight is the Fenton procedure the only way forward?

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hugglebumb Sat 15-Jan-11 22:34:20

Hi ladies,

I had my DB 11 wks ago and had to have an episotomy and forceps. The stiches didnt heal properly for 9/10 weeks and i had 2 openings and a run of 4 lots of antibiotics which helped to keep infection at bay and aid healing of my bits . I still have alot of pain down there and on inspection there is skin across the opening which shouldnt be there..i was reffered back to the gyne and told to massage and have intercourse....very painful!!! I have an appointment in march back at the hospital but think i need looking at again sooner.....with the potential of a Fentons?

Has any one had a similar experience recently and if so what was the pain before and what was it like after also i am BF and dont want to stop due to anesthetic.....

Not looking forward to going through it all again but i dont think i will ever have another little one if i dont get this sorted out soon!!!wink

thanks Hugglebumb

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