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Hypnobirth in Southern Ireland anyone?

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linnieloubear Thu 13-Jan-11 18:01:54

Hi all, I am 16+3 with my first, and moved to ROI with my hubby a wk before conceiving!

Typical first time mum, I know very little about pregnancy, labour and babies....

Have started looking into my options, and already know a little about hypnotherapy so looking into Hypnobith/Gentlebirth and seeing lots of positives so far.

We are in the north east area of Co. Wicklow, and will eventually be attending the Coombe in Dublin (still no booking in or scan appointments yet!).

Has anyone had any experience good or bad, any classes locally recommended, and therapists recommended or to avoid?

Also any experiences of the Coombe, I know many hospitals don't seem to understand or know much about Hypnobirthing.

Thanks for all your advice!


suiledonne Thu 13-Jan-11 18:05:59

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

I haven't attended the Coombe or done Hypnobirthing but I am in the south of Ireland so may be of some help.

Try It's an Irish parenting website and you will find lots of relevant info on there.

The Coombe has the reputation for being an extremely busy hospital.

Will you be a public patient?

Most hospitals do a system of combined care where you go to the hospital for some appointments and to your GP for others.

If you are going public expect to have long waits at your hospital visits.


linnieloubear Thu 13-Jan-11 19:52:27

Thanks for the advice suiledonne, just been looking at rollercoaster as you advised, from what i've seen it seems pretty pointless going semi, other than less waiting around at the Coombe when attending appointments.

Loads of other good info as well and much more specific than mum's net cause it's Irish!

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