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Looking to hire a Doula in West London

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doubleshotlatte Thu 13-Jan-11 11:20:27

I'm looking for a birth and postnatal experienced Doula. I would really like some support for my 2nd baby's birth.

In particular, someone to support and guide me through what will very likely be a fast labour and delivery (maybe you've seen my posts here recently). DH will be there (if he makes it home in time grin ) and my mom will be there to watch DD1, if the baby is kind enough to hang on till 38 weeks hmm. Basically, I need someone to fight my corner at the hospital if/when contractions start so they don't send me home. Tell me what stage things are at etc so I can stay calm, centered, BP doesn't shoot up and a crowd of MWs isn't screaming "push" at me angry ... Is that realistic to ask of a Doula? confused

Currently week 31+5, which I hope isn't too late to find someone who lives nearby and isn't too booked up. Because if things go precipitously fast, unexpectedly at home, I'll need you there very quickly grin

How does it work? Can you message me here and I'll give you my details?

Porcelain Thu 13-Jan-11 15:13:48

You can find a doula from your area here they are all qualified, referenced, insured etc

A doula won't give you medical advice re stages, but she should be able to facilitate communication between you and the MWs

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