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Anyone here have experience of a fast labour?

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doubleshotlatte Wed 12-Jan-11 16:54:52

Did you have 3-4 hours, or less, of active labour?

I didn't realise my last labour was considered "fast" until Midwife at first booking appointment told me. So it took 4 hours or slightly less from being 2cm then feeling the urge to push, pushing actively and DD being born. This after 2 days painful contractions and no sleep. I did feel traumatised by the birth, upset at not having had any pain relief (entonox didn't work). Only when I understand that it was a "relatively fast labour" does it all make sense. Now due in a few weeks confused knowing its going to be even shorter shock am trying to plan and prepare better this time...

So, if you knew you'll have a fast labour in advance, what would you do differently? Or did do, in subsequent births?

Wolfiefan Sun 30-Jul-17 22:12:56

Zombie thread.

Therealslimshady1 Sun 30-Jul-17 22:12:02

Did anyone else have a massive "high" after fast labour?

My 1st was 4 hrs, my 2nd less than 2hrs from first contraction to birth.

I was totally high shock, I felt like superwoman an felt I could have climbed a mountain. Could not sleep for 24 hrs, then sort of came crashing down...

Did anyone else have that?

blahhh10 Sun 30-Jul-17 22:06:08

My 1st was around 12hrs.

My 2nd was 47minutes from 1st contraction to baby in my arms!
Unplanned homebirth, the ambulance crew hadn't even arrived so my OH had to deliver her and they turned up 10mins later. So scary!

I'm worried about having another, what if I'm alone! shock

MariaMcGrath87 Sun 21-Aug-16 15:00:43

My first labour with my daughter in 2012 I went in to be induced at 40+10. My waters broke at 12.30am and my daughter was born at 3.41am so I was in labour a little over 3 hours.
My second daughter came a lot quicker in 2015. I started having contractions at home around 10pm but they weren't overly strong so I decided to try and sleep for a while. Through the night I woke as they got a little stronger. I decided to go to the hospital and got there at 4.50am and my second daughter was born at 5.01, I didn't quite make it to the delivery suite, I was still in the assessment room when she was born and was only at hospital for 11 minutes when she entered the world!

bakingtins Tue 30-Sep-14 07:48:10

Ds1 7 hours, stayed home for about 3 hours before heading for hospital
Ds2 2 hours, made it to hospital with 10 mins to spare blush natural delivery of placenta! followed by massive PPH ( due to atonic uterus and retained pieces) requiring transfusion.
DD 80 mins, was in the car by 2nd contraction, in hospital with 50 mins to spare (but they still didn't manage to place an iv catheter like they'd insisted they would) managed 3rd stage, all fine. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck afterwards as it was all so quick and there was so much adrenaline circulating.
With 2 and 3 I did have some warning as I had 12 hours of feeling 'labourish' with a show and a bit of mlld discomfort before contractions started so I was able to get childcare in place and DH on standby with the engine running so we could drop everything and go.

magichandles Mon 29-Sep-14 20:40:54

DD1 I woke up at 3:30am with mild period type pains but had had a big bleed so went in - at 8am they were still talking about trying to keep her in (she was 33+5). Started contracting properly some time around then, all a bit hazy, she was born 2.5 hours later vaginally on the operating theatre table as someone had the foresight to check that end while they were prepping for a CS.

DS was an induction at 37+5 - I got to 3-4 cm with the pessary, then had my waters broken and he was born 45 minutes later. No chance for the MWs to get any of the various lines I needed in, let alone my epidural!

I'll let you know on DD2 - induction is booked for 10 days time. I've also been warned to get straight to the hospital if anything happens in the meantime!

morethanpotatoprints Mon 29-Sep-14 16:59:53

Yes, all very quick labours

Ds1 2 hours from start to finish
Ds2 90 min ditto
DD 30 min ditto.

There was no build up to the pain, but it wasn't all that painful tbh.
The most pain I have had was having my hair pulled through holes in a cap when they used to streak hair like this.
So I can say going to the hairdressers was more painful grin

CherryLips1980 Mon 29-Sep-14 16:56:37

With DD I went in to be induced as my BP was getting to be a concern. Got to AN ward just after 10am and was attached to the CTG machine to keep an eye on things. DP was told to go home and do some jobs as they wouldn't get chance to start induction until after lunch, so off he toddled. I played games, read my kindle, Facebooked etc then started watching DDs heartbeat. After a while I noticed her heartbeat dipping but it always returned to normal quite quickly so didn't think too much of it. Was brought some lunch, didn't want it. Was sick - although was sick all the way through the pregnancy so again, didn't think too hard. Then my back ached, but it went away. About half 2, I called a midwife cos I still hadn't been induced and was getting bored blush and DDs heartbeat was starting to concern me. No contractions were being picked up by the CTG so MW pointed out I wasn't in labour. Then she looked at the print out, did a double take then asked if I minded being examined. Umm, no...

Consultant came, delved about then told me to get my DP back as we were off to the delivery room. Now. I was 4cm. They broke my waters at 3.15pm but warned me things were still a way off happening 'for real'. DP arrived back at 4pm, my back really hurt and I wanted some pain killers. Was offered paracetamol [huh]. At 4.15 I called the mw back as I needed a poo and I knew it was a sign of wanting to push. She said I was being a bit previous but then a huge contraction came from nowhere, she threw me the G&A, then shouted for a second midwife. Coincidentally, it was the consultant who had examined me as he happened to be walking by at the time.

DD was born at 4.36pm.

I was told at the time to consider a hb next time. However, I'm now 11weeks with #2 and have been told that due to my BP issues (I ended up readmitted for 4 days when DD was 5 days old as it was so high) it wouldn't be a good idea. As I've since discovered I was in heart attack region of high BP its put the idea out my head. MWs have said that when this one comes - if I'm not in hospital anyway - that as soon as I think I'm in labour to call 999 as we're 45mins from the hospital. Feel a bit weird about that - it (hopefully) won't be an emergency situation so reluctant to use an ambulance but then I also don't want to give birth in the car.

Sods law says I'll be in labour for days with this one ;)

MummytoMog Sun 28-Sep-14 12:28:51

Twenty minutes from 2cm to baby in two pushes yesterday. I knew she was coming though, third baby, knew she would be there soon, but midwife didn't believe me. I think she lost a couple of years off her life when she had to sprint to catch her from the door (was still stood at end of bed on antenatal ward). No plans for future babies, but think I would ask for (another) note on my file as I did not appreciate being denied gas and air because I wasn't in active labour.

LizzieMint Sun 28-Sep-14 11:43:52

I've had three fast labours, first was in hospital with an induction, second two were home births. We called the MWs as soon as any contractions started, even though they were minor, niggly ones as it can take them up to 2 hours to get to you. With the first home birth, the midwives were there for about an hour before DS was born, second home birth they arrived with minutes to spare, I was already ready to push and trying to ignore it until they got there! It's easier if you've already had one so you know what to expect, you know not to hang about if you are going in, or calling MWs to you.
My sister was so quick her DS was born in the bathroom despite them living opposite the hospital!

Scotinoz Sun 28-Sep-14 11:29:32

Baby #1 arrived after just under 3 hours of active labour. Had a PPH which the midwife and OB never agreed on the actual volume although it apparently wasn't 'insignificant'.

Expecting #2 now and OB has advised induction at 39 weeks.

Already worried about even quicker labour, PPH, feeling like I was hit by a train confused

yazz21 Sun 28-Sep-14 08:06:56

With my Dd I woke up in the night (3am) waters broke. Contractions immediately, and intense. Got to the hospital at 4am, where midwife said I was 10cm and she could feel the head! 20mins later she was born!

Currently 14 weeks pregnant with my second and very worried I'm not going to make it to the hospital!

MissWimpyDimple Sun 28-Sep-14 07:47:16

35 weeks. Waters broke with a pop and a trickle, first pains about an hour later, DD born after one big mahoooosive contraction an hour later shock

Dread to think what would happen if I had DC2!

BlingBubbles Sun 28-Sep-14 07:33:35

I was induced with DD at 8pm, had the most awful contractions all night, at 4:30am was examined and was finally told I was in active labour, DD was born at 7:02, after 20minutes of pushing, had to have my waters broke just before delivery though. So 2.5hours of active labour, felt longer because of the awful contractions before.

MW told me afterwards if I ever have any more kids I should have a home birth as I probably won't make it to hospital next time!!

I am due in January and no longer living in the UK, decided against a homebirth so let's hope I make it in time!

MadameLeBean Sun 28-Sep-14 07:07:27


MadameLeBean Sun 28-Sep-14 07:07:18

I was also in shock and couldn't eat afterwards for about 2 days
I had not expected her for another months!

LoveBeingAwakeInTheNight Sun 28-Sep-14 06:59:15

I booked for a hb just incase for my second one. You can still go to hospital if you want/can.

Please make sure that your birthing partner knows what to expect/to make sure that the staff understand you are a fast one as some really don't believe it when you say how close you are.

MadameLeBean Sun 28-Sep-14 06:56:43

Ahh, reading pp now I understand why they insisted I have the injection to get placenta out - never knew!

MadameLeBean Sun 28-Sep-14 06:53:29

Had DD at 35 weeks, my waters broke in the office! Plug fell out in the loo then I went back to desk, stood up to get something then whoosh.
That was 3.30pm. Contractions started straight away. Got to hospital around 5. She was born at 7.30pm!

Only the last 15-30 mins were really painful. Had gas and air only. Asked for epidural (during transition phase I think or whatever it's called) as it hurt so much but it was too late!!

She had some mucus in lungs which had to be removed but was a good weight for 5 weeks early (5.11) and was breathing on own and fine

mouse1989 Sat 27-Sep-14 23:40:56

Hi, I was very lucky with both labour and deliveries of my 2 boys, william and Harry
William was 1 week over due, my waters broke at home, no contractions before at 2am. I gave birth at 5:04am
My second son Harry was 2 weeks overdue, my waters broke at home on FaceTime to my mum at 11:03 and I gave birth in the birth pool at my local birthing until at 1:01 am, less than 2 hours later. Same as my first no contractions before.
Very lucky indeed, don't think I'll push my luck on a third

Zara1984 Thu 31-Jan-13 18:57:36

Ahh! This scares me. Just posted about this on another thread. What if your labour was started by prostin gel? Can you expect the same or faster a second time, or is it different if you're induced?? I didn't have the drip.

My waters went a couple of hours after send prostin gel. It was like the movies, horrific pain as soon as they went, screaming for an epidural (which I got immediately, thank god). I dilated from 1vm (waters breaking) to 10cm in 90mins. DS born just over 90 mins after that. I'm fucking terrified of a non-induced second birth being faster. I have zero interest in a home birth and mostly scared of not getting an epidural in time confused

The hospital technically counted my labour from when I was admitted for induction 12 hours earlier, but aside from some prostin pains I was just reading trashy mags in the induction annex before my waters went.

JumpingJetFlash Thu 31-Jan-13 14:57:18

Woke up about 6:45, DD was born by 8:25 with a Daddy midwife as I was only 35 weeks pregnant so no one (read midwives etc) really believed I could be in labour until it was too late to get to hosp. Was my 1st baby, haven't had a second to say whether its be quicker - partly as a result of 1st labour :-/

BiddyPop Thu 31-Jan-13 14:46:29

Sorry, hit post too soon.

I had the use of shower which was GREAT. I used tens on way in and up to getting in shower - I found it didn't work as well after 1st shower. Concentrated on relaxing mind and body in shower and hot water on small of back really really helped.

Had gas and air in delivery room, but that was it in terms of formal pain relief options.

BUT: I had done prenatal yoga from 13 to 39 weeks, and that really helped me focus. It was dark outside and we kept shower room dim too which helped. I had lavendar oil dabbed on the back of my hand to help too. (And mint oil for when I felt sick). DH kept quiet, and exams were kept to a minimum. I was left alone to get on with it myself, and I think that both helped me to progress and to deal with the pain.

BiddyPop Thu 31-Jan-13 14:40:34

1st twinge about 9pm. Got to hosp at about 1am (couldn't leave my grandparent's Christmas dinner and present unwrapping til after 11.30, went home to change and pretty much straight to hosp) - MW on assessment found I was 1cm. Got changed and sent to ward, examined again (same), walked a bit, hot shower for an hour(ish), came out to walk and chat to MWs but went back into shower again another hour(ish) and asked for another exam at about 5 (roughly) - had gone to almost fully dilated and whisked in wheelchair to delivery. Didn't manage a full 20 mins monitoring before they decided it was pushing time, and DD arrived just after 6.

lisa07769 Thu 31-Jan-13 14:34:15

I am terrified my first labour from first twinge to delivery was 5 hours. My second from first twinge to delivery was 35 minutes. How does that happen? I never had any of the normal contraction patterns just my waters break and that's it. I am now pregnant with third and am terrified. I have never had time for pain relief options apart from a bit of gas and air with my first,nothing with second. I remember just feeling shocked with both at how fast they arrived especially my daughter. I will need to keep my legs crossed come September lol.

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