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Doula advice?

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pugh Wed 12-Jan-11 12:26:19

Hi there, Looking for some advice after reading other threads & looking at Doula website. Essentially early pregnancy with DC2. DD1 will be two when next due.

We have no family support and though lots of good friends can' t depend on them.

Last time the first 3 months post delivery were awful. BF was a struggle, and though I guess, I 'succeedded' I am dreading it. More than delivery etc.

Thinking of getting a postnatal doula (also as DH might need to travel sson after due date). DD will probably have to stay in nursery-expensive as it may be, and at least at start.

So, looking for doula to look after me & baby.Thinking a 2-3hours a day for month or two? If affordable? Helping with cleaning/cooking/baby/bf advice?

Any advice? Cost?


FingonTheValiant Wed 12-Jan-11 12:33:47

I think it's £10 per hour, but there may be some that have packages of care that work out less.

pugh Wed 12-Jan-11 12:38:16

Cheers. Guess that is reasonable considering. Now need to start saving!

FlingonTheValiant Wed 12-Jan-11 13:39:33

I would say help with cooking, cleaning and general organising, plus advice about baby. I found that people that actually helped with the baby (ie took it off of me to do things) made me upset and/or angry.

Not all doulas can give BF advice, so make sure you specify that when you're looking for one.

I think BF would have been less of a struggle for me if I'd known someone was taking care of the house, and could pop out for me, leaving me to just stay in bed with the baby.

Jules2011 Wed 12-Jan-11 20:36:18

We used a trainee Doula for labour, she only charged expenses. Not sure if they charge a lower rate for post natal too but worth a check as often they are mothers themselves so have heaps of good advice. Mine was great in labour and gave a great massage!

JumpJockey Wed 12-Jan-11 21:10:04

Re the costs, my dad gave me some Doula UK vouchers (can be used with any registered doula) as a Christmas pressie, dd arrived early december - so maybe if friends ask you what they can give you as presents for the new baby, you could ask them for vouchers?

Valentino2003 Thu 13-Jan-11 16:19:37

I am in central London so these are the prices: My doula is costing £550 for labor (which is on the cheap end.) A lot I interviewed went up to £1000. With the average around £750 for a standard labor package.

However we are using her post-birth as well for 3 hours a day at £20/hour which is on the high end. Every other doula I interviewed (and I interviewed a lot) charged only£15/hour. But I just liked this one the best.

I am concerned that with these prices and hours that I will not have her help me enough during the day. I am a bit scared as I go into labor next month!

Porcelain Thu 13-Jan-11 16:34:27

Doula UK suggests trainee doulas charge a reduced fee for postnatal work, but it is up to the doula. When I was looking for someone a local trainee was charging half for her postnatal work, but it's up to the individual. I think I would reduce postnatal fees more if I was attending the birth, because as a trainee you need that experience so you can get recognised.

pugh Sat 15-Jan-11 21:46:55

Thanks everyone. Yikes Valentine-London sounds expensive!

Just posted as I am struggling to find anyone in my area. Hoping someone owns up

Val How often are you planning to get her to help post natally?

smokeybacon Sun 16-Jan-11 19:48:09

I've just had a doula for post natal help with my new twins. She charged £1000 for 70 hrs and it's been worth every penny. She comes in and just does! cleaning , laundry, ironing, cooking if I want. She makes sure I am getting enough food and sleep and sends me off for naps. She also helped with breast feeding too.

I would def recommend having one. You should be able to interview prospective ones. Mine also had a portfolio with all her certificates etc and references but I did make a call to one of her clients too to "check her out"!

QTPie Sun 16-Jan-11 22:01:43

I had one after my ELCS. Husband took two weeks paternity leave, then had the Doula 3 hours a day for 4 weeks (was going to be 3 weeks, but I had a vomitting bug as was wiped out for the 4th week). Paid £13 an hour.

Would recommend it: this was my first baby and she helped physically and with babycare advice (she has worked as a nanny for 18 years). She couldn't give breastfeeding advice, but I was ok with that anyway. You may need to specify "bf advice needed" when looking for one.

I guess that all Doulas are different. Mine did laundry, tidied up, loaded the dishwasher, did washing up, looked after the baby to enable me to get showered/together, looked after the baby whilst I was really ill (vomitting bug). She would have done cooking/cleaning too, but I didn't need that (had a cleaner and the MIL stocked our freezer).

I would recommend it - just helped me to get on my feet. Those early days, everything is a sleep-deprived rush. Having someone look after household chores and just giving you the time to have a shower, wash your face and get dressed is invaluable...

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