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'clerking appointment' for ELCS

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DancingCat Wed 12-Jan-11 10:00:34

Hello ladies,
I have my clerking appointment for my ELCS today (section Friday) - does anyone know what I should expect? They've said I'll be there for about an hour, that they'll listen to baby's heartbeat, weigh me for anaesthetic levels and measure the circumference of my calves (presumably for compression stockings of equivalent).
This is my first baby and though excited am also now absolutely terrified blush
Thanks in advance smile

Phlebas Wed 12-Jan-11 10:46:17

they put you on a CTG, do bloods, urine, BP, you see anaesthetist who checks your mouth (in case you need GA) & weighs/consents you, then obstetrician who consents you for section, then midwife who fits you for stockings & gives you the ranitidine to take the night before.

DancingCat Wed 12-Jan-11 14:03:04

Thanks Phlebas smile

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