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juliec26 Tue 11-Jan-11 10:55:55

I am 39 weeks and since last night have had what i think are contractions very low down last about 30 seconds like bad period cramps, but they are really irregular was awake from 2.30 -6am dosing inbetween then from 9am -10am went back to sleep, but they kept waking me up - got up and seem to have worn off - Do have dd who is nearly 5, but with her I woke up with terrible backache and all my contractions were in my back - worried that I will now have a really long labour - any ideas?

Porcelain Tue 11-Jan-11 14:12:25

Sounds like it to me, doesn't indicate much at this stage though, it could pick up and establish itself fairly soon, however I had small preparatory contractions in short bouts every few days for a couple of weeks before it got regular. The MW tried to tell me it was BH, but it was very different.

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