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Private rooms in South London maternity units

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Stangirl Mon 10-Jan-11 12:44:43

Is there one at kings?

If not, has anyone changed hospitals halfway through their pregnancy?

littleomar Mon 10-Jan-11 12:46:22

don't know but in case you're interested the postnatal ward at Kingston is all single and double rooms. I had a room to myself for two babies without paying a penny.

Sparklies Mon 10-Jan-11 13:03:23

When I was at Kings there were private rooms, but they were for women who did not have their babies with them (whether in SCBU etc or not at all) and there was no chance of me getting a private room. I was there for 8 nights in total both antenatal and postnatal and asked every day but no luck.

It is possible to change hospitals during pregnancy. I will be doing so myself shortly as I am only booked into my local deathtrap hospital (Queen Elizabeth.. who do often have private rooms but I'd rather not have permanent easily avoidable damage done during birth again..) for the convenience of local appointments - there is no way I will deliver there unless a dire emergency occurs.

Will be interested to hear what people say as although I'm currently leaning towards Darent Valley (waaaaay out) if there is anywhere with practically guaranteed private rooms, which I am happy to pay a reasonable amount for, I will go for it.

Stangirl Mon 10-Jan-11 14:26:26

Sparlies - I believe at Tommy's you can guarantee a private room if you pay for it. My friend has also just - this weekend - paid for a private room in Reading.

Sparklies Mon 10-Jan-11 16:39:23

Yep - you can, but you have to have your entire maternity care private which runs to tens of thousands of pounds unfortunately! Or you can take your chances on the day and not have it guaranteed, and pay £6-700 a night. The rooms are fully private as opposed to just a separate room on a ward - you get the full private treatment. It's out of my price range especially as I'd likely be spending several nights due to ELCS sad

Unless you know of NHS private rooms there? NHS private rooms are anywhere between free and £100/night - usually around £40-£50.

lindsell Mon 10-Jan-11 16:44:07

At lewisham you could have a private room off the main ward for £35 a night but couldn't guarantee it and depended on availability at the time, I was lucky and able to have one with ds.

Stangirl Mon 10-Jan-11 16:49:59

Sparklies - I too will be having ELCS (I feel more "hooray!" about this though). I reckon 2 nights at £700 each is something I could save up.

Sparklies Mon 10-Jan-11 19:33:05

I'm more sad because it means longer on the postnatal ward with no peace and quiet! The birth itself is not so bad, although I'd much prefer a natural birth but it is not to be.

Unfortunately we can't justify that level of expenditure.. especially as you never know how long you will be in for. I spent 3 nights postnatal with DC2 after an EMCS and with three children and pretty much a single income household it's just too much for us right now.

Stangirl Mon 10-Jan-11 20:03:33

I was very lucky last time - ELCS and then the post-natal was full so they put me on ante-natal which was mostly empty for the 2 days I was in. I know I won't be that lucky this time and have heard horror stories about post-natal. I'm thiking of discharging myself after 24hrs and the catheter is out.

Sparklies Tue 11-Jan-11 00:41:28

Yes, I'm seriously considering 24 hour discharge as well so long as baby is fine! Honestly those extra nights in hospital did more harm than good for both of us.

I was lucky enough to get a private room at Queen Elizabeth after having my first, it was great, in so far as a hospital experience can be. Alas my luck did not last as due to their incompetence I ended up back in the place two weeks later with a post partum infection from presumably retained placenta and spent three nights on the main postnatal ward with my two week old baby, desperately trying to fend off the Bounty Lady and hospital photographer every morning with a stick.

Antenatal is always much nicer than postnatal in my experience, although you do have the odd woman going into labour and being ignored for most of the night which can get quite noisy (had this happen at Kings!) But at least there are no screaming babies and mothers unable to reach them due to c-sections!

Stangirl Tue 11-Jan-11 08:01:03

When I did my post-natal in ante-natal I was really embarrassed when a new patient came in. I was there with my baby and they'd be screaming in agony - it was like I was showing off.

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