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angie85 Mon 10-Jan-11 10:14:52

hi this is my 3rd baby and ive never had so many problems whilst being pregnant ive been in extreme slow labour since the 13th dec with contractions gettin as strong as 3mins apart and tht would go on for something like 7 hrs and then stop leaving me with nothing but muscle pains i had a membrane sweep performed on the 6th jan was due on the 7th had a show on the 9th and contractions started so went to hosp due to quick deliveries in the past got to hosp and they examined me to tell me im 4cm dialated and they performed another sweep contractions were then strong and very painfull but stopped after 5 hrs so i came home WHEN WILL IT BE THE REAL THING ????? they tell me because its my 3rd they wont induce me unless im over by 10days but surely its gone on enough is there anyone out there in the same boat or been in tht boat b4 HELP ME I NEED ADVICE

lostinwales Mon 10-Jan-11 10:18:29

I have no advice but I feel your pain. Didn't anyone tell you the third is always the worst. Mind they told me and I didn't believe them! 4cm has to be good, once you get to 5 I bet you'll be having the baby in minutes.

What a bogging horrible month. My money is on there not being DC4 anytime in the future! grin

Hassled Mon 10-Jan-11 10:21:13

My third was induced at 10 days. This baby will come out, don't worry - I remember that feeling that I would always be pregnant and would never actually see my baby. Just rest as much as you possibly can - good luck.

angie85 Mon 10-Jan-11 10:28:18

yh the told me the other day ur 3rd can do this but i didnt think it would carry on for this long its driving me mad

ShowOfHands Mon 10-Jan-11 10:31:19

My friend's no 3 did this. 3 weeks of stop start labour, ridiculously slow dilation up to 5cm. Backwards and forwards to the hospital. When it eventually happened, she went from waking up to her waters breaking to delivering 40 minutes later. She almost didn't make it to hospital.

She did go on to have no 4 eventually!

She always said it was frustrating because she should have known her body, knew what a contraction felt like and instead her body was being tricksy. Plus you've got 2 others to look after while contracting for a bleeding month.

angie85 Mon 10-Jan-11 10:38:37

since last nite my baby has none stop been moving but very heavy movements could tht be a sign it cud start soon and his gettin better position i know they say usually the movement slows down as not much room

am i sounding thick as this is my 3rd and i thought i know wat would be going on but its totally different this time so not got a clue

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