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Are Braxton hicks always painless?

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Moulesfrites Mon 10-Jan-11 09:22:14

I am 37 + 6 and for a few weeks have been having painless tightenings of my bump, which I assumed were bh contractions. Last night though I woke up with period type pains low in my bump. They came and went for a bit but there was no regular pattern to them. I did wake dh as I thought that they could be the start of things, but then they seemed to ease off and I went back to sleep. What was this? Should I be concerned or ring midwife or was it just the bh picking up in intensity...

Moulesfrites Mon 10-Jan-11 11:58:22

Bump. Anyone?

pinkpeony Mon 10-Jan-11 12:52:36

BH usually feel like painless tightenings/hardenings of the bump. For me BH have always been painless although uncomfortable, esp this time around (am 37+5 with DC2). Getting them very frequently and sometimes they wake me at night. Have also had things like lower back pain and twinges low down in bump - feeling more like ligaments stretching or smth - which I don't think were related to BH - don't think BH are supposed to hurt. Could be pre-labour/ early labour. Maybe give your midwife a call just to put your mind at rest?

Hannah1890 Mon 10-Jan-11 16:57:17

Hi, I have had the same pains as your describing since new years eve, am now 40+1 Originally phoned delivery suite as was worrying and although no regularity pains lasted a long time. MW told me its very common from 36 weeks and is your uterus getting ready so aslong as baby is moving ok and have no bleeding etc. then was normal. However if your really worried I would just phone for reassurance. Hope this helps

CrapBag Mon 10-Jan-11 20:26:51

I have had BH from about 20 weeks, I am now 35 but for quite a few weeks they have been mildly painful, like period pains which is exactly how my labour started last time but they were a lot stronger.

Some women do experience painful BH.

sunndydays Tue 11-Jan-11 08:55:30

My bh weren't painful, but my sister had really painful ones in the last trimester, but when she went in to be induced at 38 weeks her cervix was still very unfavourable so they obviously weren't doing anything

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