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Third births - can I do it?

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StartingAfresh Fri 07-Jan-11 19:11:18

Before I get started I do this time have the option of opting out of both VB and C/S.

My research of antetdotal evidence shows me that 3rd births are pretty dire.

Can anyone confirm/refute?

I am especially interested in your first birth was traumatic.

Many tia.

boogeek Fri 07-Jan-11 19:20:51

Am intrigued how your baby will come out if you do opt out of both vb and cs?
My first wasn't traumatic but it was very long - 42 hours. Second easiest; third harder than second but only because DD3 had her hand up by her face! Silly baby. And labour was no longer than #2, 6 hours both times.

StartingAfresh Fri 07-Jan-11 19:51:10

LOL Baby won't go IN iykwim.

I had a traumatic first. The second birth was ace but never put to rest my fears about what it CAN be like.

#2 also came out like superman but funny as it seems I don't mind much the ripping to shreds bit!

StartingAfresh Fri 07-Jan-11 21:07:04

Is it that you all just don't want to tell me? wink

dizzeelizzee Fri 07-Jan-11 21:08:42

My 3rd birth was a VBAC, he was 11lb and it was my easiest birth by far. Just gas and air and no problems.

Good luck

deleting Fri 07-Jan-11 21:09:32

Third was very similar to second. Nothing dire.

StartingAfresh Fri 07-Jan-11 21:11:26

diz I bet you were absolutely made up about that birth then? Were your first two CS?

Lilyloo Fri 07-Jan-11 21:11:37

1st induction ventouse stitches and v long
2nd natural with no pain relief
3rd induction but then labour same as 2nd

dizzeelizzee Fri 07-Jan-11 21:15:58

First was VB - epidural, episiotomy, long hard birth.

Second was CS

Third was the best grin

MollysChambers Fri 07-Jan-11 21:17:22

1st - 17 hrs, back to back, epidural, ventouse

2nd - less than three hours, easy peasy

3rd - induced at 42 weeks, 12 hours, turned to be back to back, epidural, forceps

First was by far the worst. I think it's mostly positioning tbh.

NorkilyChallenged Fri 07-Jan-11 21:20:20

Oooh Lilyloo - your first two were exactly like mine so looks like I might be induced for dc3? Did you not have any pain relief after induction?

PrettyCandles Fri 07-Jan-11 21:24:28

First birth very long, distressing, and resulted in 2deg tears inside and out, which did not heal until I had surgery to repair again 8m later.

2nd birth also long, but only half as long as first. Not distressing at all, tore again 2deg but not as extensive, and healed perfectly.

3rd birth 2h from start to finish, 11lb baby - no tear. Extraordinarily exhilarating experience.

(No 1and 2 were also big babies BTW, just not quite that big!)

What made the difference? Between nos1and 2 I had a 2h debrief with a specialist midwife, during which we went through my notes from dc1's birth. She explained, listened, accepted, and helped me plan for the next birth. Totally non-judgemental and non-defensive. Enabled me to say "No" during future labours.

And with dc3 I had had a lot of support here on MN, which helped me have confidence in myself and in my body's ability to give birth. Dc3 was also born in water - the other were born on land - which made a huge difference.

Lilyloo Fri 07-Jan-11 21:38:38

Norkily no it went exactly as number 2 just needed that 'extra' to get me going as it were. Was dreading another induction but it was fine no pain relief and slightly quicker than no 2

thisisyesterday Fri 07-Jan-11 21:43:43

1st birth: 18 hours, lots of intervention, lots of drugs, ventouse delivery, lots of stitches, 2nd degree tear. Horrible time starting breastfeeding, horrible time in hospital.

2nd birth: magical! homebirth, 6 hours, back to back baby. wanted to do it again straight away!

3rd birth: woke up having contraction. had baby 48 minutes later before midwives/ambulance arrived grin

soooo... he was my quickest, but not my favourite. It wasn't dire, it was just really quick and I was fairly shell-shocked for a while after. Didn't really feel like i'd had a labour and had a baby... he was just there!
But no, it wasn't a bad birth

CardyMow Fri 07-Jan-11 21:45:09

1st was ok, 2nd was the very worst (bad op position with hand on face), 3rd was by far and away the easiest. Am hoping number 4 will be another easy one, as I've only got 9 days to go.

whoodoo Fri 07-Jan-11 21:59:26

My 3rd by far and away the best:
Ds 1 = 50 hrs, back to back, only 4 cm and emcs
Ds2 = 7 hr VBAC with 2nd degree tear
Ds3 = stop start labour over a week (not sore- just frustrating) but when we got going only 4hrs- waterbirth and gas and air only- 1st degree tear with no stitches.

hormonalmum Fri 07-Jan-11 22:02:40

I had similar experience to thisisyesterday with no. 3

No 1. laboured with TENS machine at home,arrived at hospital where mw burst my waters and dd arrived 30 mins after I arrived at hospital.

2. Homebirth. Very painful, but big baby.

3.1.5hours start to finish, dd born before mw and paramedic arrived. Very shocked for days (if not weeks)

I was absolutely dreading my third labour and birth, after number 2's arrival. In hindsight, it wasnt too bad, but I kept fainting afterwards due to shock so I could not enjoy the early hours of dd and had to transfer to hospital anyway. So all in all, they all had their highs and lows.

pearlgirl Fri 07-Jan-11 22:18:32

My 3rd was by far the easiest. Hoped to repeat with no4but ended up with an induction at 41+6
Ds1 - induced due to pre-eclampsia-15 hours, epidural , forceps delivery, episiotomy which healed poorly and required further treatment 6months later.
Ds2 - induced early, 30 hours from 1st pessary, slept for 8 hours, the ARM, drip epidural, tore on previous scar.
Ds3 - 2 hours start to finish- baby 10lb 11oz. gas and air for stitches.
Ds4 induced at 41+6, 8hours from 1st prostin, 2 hours from insertion of drip.. I think i was disappointed that i hadn't gone on my own but was pleased to finally have my boy on the outside.

I think you will find that for every 'good" third labour story there will be someone who has had a rough experience. I was convinced that because my 3rd had been such a fab experience that no4 would follow the same pattern - grrgh! It just proves you can't predict it.

StartingAfresh Fri 07-Jan-11 23:25:02

Thanks everyone. So it isn't a consistent picture then. There is hope!?

Btw, I HAVE heard that 3rd children are the easiest. Is THAT true?

PrettyCandles Sat 08-Jan-11 00:13:11

[PC snorts her drink all over her iPhone]

3rd children are easier?!?!?!

Yeah, right. Nobody told mine!

PrettyCandles Sat 08-Jan-11 00:33:19

TBH, I think it depends on the child's personality. If they are relatively placid or easy-going, then they get used to being shlepped around after their older sibs, and just accept it. These are the 'easy' dc3s.

OTOH, if they have a more forceful personality then they won't be satisfied with sitting around and will make their presence felt in whatever way they can.

That's not to say it is a bad thing. My no3 is a resourceful child, and in the last year (he is 4.3) rather than using that resourcefulness to drive me nuts, he simply gets on with things in a way his brother and sister never did at his age.

My eldest would probably have been an easy dc3.

armani Sat 08-Jan-11 10:52:41

my 3rd was by far the easiest.
1st - 48hr labour, back to back baby, epidural. baby born naturally.
2nd - spontanious rupture of membranes but no contractions, so induction and synto drip. baby born 12 hours later, 9lb 8.5 oz.
3rd - spontanious rupture of membranes, baby born few hours later after just making it to delivery suite!

my 3rd was a beautiful experience! good luck! x

beautifulgirls Tue 11-Jan-11 13:28:34

My 3rd was my dream birth too -

DD#1 12 days late, spontaneous labour, ventouse delivery, difficult time

DD#2 8 days late, spontaneous labour, normal delivery but still had a difficult time

DD#3 2 days early, spontaneous short labour and had a much easier time.

DD#1 and DD#3 both easy babies, DD#2 still not bad on the scale of things but is my challenging one!

PorkChopSter Tue 11-Jan-11 13:34:59

My third was my easiest as well.

DC1: cascade of intervention. Crap.
DC2: HB with doula but with MW for whom informed consent was an unknown concept. No pain relief.
DC3: HWB with IM. 4 hours established labour, superman styley, no G&A.

He gets away with a lot because he is adorable grin His latest at 3 is swearing like a trooper to his lego creations "bwuddy fing, you poohead yeggo"

Poshpaws Tue 11-Jan-11 13:37:06

My 3rd was very easy. In fact, in terms of giving birth, I would go as far as to say enjoyable smile.

It bloody hurt, but nowhere near as bad as my 1st or 2nd and the 2nd was the worst.

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