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Is there a home birth thread on MN?

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WestYorkshireGirl Fri 07-Jan-11 06:32:06

I've been trying to find a home birth thread on the talk boards but not having any luck. Is anyone else planning for a HB imminently? I am hoping for a home water birth in around 2 weeks with an independent mw and it would be great if anyone else was also in the same position or had recently had a HB.

pinkclouds Fri 07-Jan-11 16:05:24

I will be having a home birth this time (DC#4). I have had one hospital birth. One "normal" HB and one HB in a birthing pool.

I am currently 10 weeks and have already discussed with my midwife who delivered my last DC.
I am lucky enough to live in area where our midwife lead care is excellent and we actively encouraged to have home birth. I have had continuity of care all the way through each of my pregnancy's and have an excellent relationship with the midwives in my area.

The best birth experience was the last one not only because I was slightly more confident but the relief of the water during my labour was excellent. Being in my home in my own surroundings makes a huge difference and is much more calming.

I would always recommend a home birth. smile Good luck.xx

hazchem Fri 07-Jan-11 16:09:42

I'm planning a homebirth with a waterpool and NHS midwife in about 2 months.

I'm totally excited about it so would happly harp on about all my lovely plans.

I'm just starting to use a Natal Hypnotherpy CD and am attend NCT classes.

Oh my mum is coming to be a birthpartner /doula and my partner is going to be there too.

me23 Fri 07-Jan-11 17:05:42

Hi I'm planning a home water birth with nhs midwives due late march, this is my 2nd dc dd is 5. Would be good to have a thread we can chat on.

hackneyzoo Fri 07-Jan-11 17:22:52

I had a homebirth 2 years ago, DC 3 is due at the weekend and I am hoping for another hb.

Last time was really straight forward, DC2 arrived safely and healthy and the borth itself was very managable with Tens and Gas and Air for pain relief.

The NHS midwives who attended were great, they were very hands off and supportive. I used a birthing pool which was also really effective as pain relief.

DC1 was born in hospital, again, no complications and all straight forward. However the homebirth was much easier in terms of pain management (perhaps because I knew what to expect), involved no intervention and I felt much more positive about it. Plus it was really nice getting into my own bed and snuggling up with a brand new baby and a cup of tea!

I'm hoping for a repeat experience any day now!

pettyprudence Fri 07-Jan-11 21:07:12

I'm planning a home birth with NHS midwives end of March (waving at Me23 fellow March birther!). I am starting a hypnobirthing course tomorrow. Oh and this is my first DC so I have noooo idea what to expect really!

nannyl Fri 07-Jan-11 21:32:38

Only just found out im pg, but definitely want a home water birth and want to hypnobirth as well.
Will be due in September

undecided weather i need to to do the whole hypnobirthing course, or can get away with buying and listening to the CD's from ebay.

Have known for a very very long time that when the time comes i want to have my baby in my home.

Also want to try TENS but cant use TENS in water so need more info on whats best and weather to use both, just at different stages

christmasrocks Fri 07-Jan-11 22:01:21

Had a home birth two years ago, it was planned but I went two weeks over and was due to go in and be induced. Was so upset that I cried the whole eve, anyway just as we were leaving my waters broke, da arrived seven minutes later!

So glad that it had ds at home, to get straight in my own bed and have my other daughter with me is a treasured memory, it was lovely for my dh as he felt a real part of ds's birth. Also believe I recovered much quicker in my own surroundings. Think these days mw, doctors much more supportive.

Go for it, fantastic experience, yes dh delivered ds as no time to call mw!

Laska Fri 07-Jan-11 23:22:56

All being well, I'm due to have a home birth (in water) in March. Feeling very excited, generally pretty relaxed but just the odd moment of panic! Starting a hypnobirthing course this weekend, which will hopefully help me to deal with any panic that arises.

I never really considered a hospital birth, but know that I have to be prepared for any eventuality.

Grumpla Fri 07-Jan-11 23:30:50

I had a home birth. There's a yahoo group.

I have to confess I don't really get all the hypnobirthing stuff though, not sure why so many home birthers are so into the idea, but if you think it will be useful for you then go for it. Best thing about a home birth is you get to be in charge!

See if there is a local Home Birth Group in your area, I went to one and found it very helpful (if occasionally a little lentil-weavery) also made a very good friend there.

NCT classes are usually fairly supportive of the concept but if you are the only couple planning it you might get a few funny looks

msbossy Sat 08-Jan-11 03:14:42

Another March home birth here (all being well) <waves>. DD1 was born at home with NHS midwife care. Tens, a bath and Gas & air saw me through. Again, v supportive midwives and hands off during labour meant I had a good experience that I'd like to repeat (although shorter and not so overdue would be good!).

LLKH Sat 08-Jan-11 11:33:01

Slightly more recent homebirth here. DD was born on 4 Dec. I felt much calmer and DH did too as he could run around being useful. I would definitely do it again.

Zafnoodles Sat 08-Jan-11 14:04:47

Another late March hoping-for-home-birther. I'm in Wales and there is actually a target for 10% homebirths here - so the midwives are very supportive. I've just bought a pool (try ebay for very reasonable prices) and have been given a hypnobirthing cd (which I suppose I need to listen to if it is going to help at all!). But I still can't get my head around the fact that it is actually going to happen.

me23 Sat 08-Jan-11 17:33:21

wow there's quite a few march homebirthers on here, shall we do a stats list? I'll start

me23 due 23/3/11 pg#2(dd 5)

NeedToSleepZZZ Sat 08-Jan-11 20:44:27

I'm planning a hb next month, EDD 10/2/11(if I don't go bang before that, massive low bump now!). I'm actually quite looking forward to experiencing labour, that sounds so naff and 'right on', sorry! Have everything packed in emergancy bag in the hall just in case but really hope I can do it here.

For those that have done this before, can I ask, what is provided by your midwifery team and when do you get this stuff? I've got nearly everything listed on the website, just need the tarpaulin. I'm seeing midwife on Friday to discuss pain relief options.... confused and will hire TENS from boots in the week.

naturalbaby Sat 08-Jan-11 20:50:25

i'm due in 2 1/2 weeks and am planning my 3rd home birth. not using a water pool this time cause last time it was less than half full when ds2 made a speedy exit. it was fantastic to spend labour in it with ds1 but could do with dh being free for our other kids and not busy trying to sort the pool out. have even been reading up on unassisted births as i had fairly quick labours and don't want a mad panic or to have to phone 999.

am just planning the last minute bits and nesting like mad - got my pile of towels, hypnobirthing cd's, aromatherapy oils, and wondering what else i need. am really excited.

naturalbaby Sat 08-Jan-11 21:06:23

for my last 2 the midwives just turned up on the day with their bag of bits, this time i've been given a bag even though the midwives will have one anyway in the car. it's only got the proper medical stuff that i won't need - gloves, catheter, stitching stuff, hook to break waters. i got it at my 36 week mw appointment - she came to visit at home and had to go through a checklist to make sure my house was suitable.
all i provided were towels, mirror, lighting and stuff for the birth pool. gas and air never came in the house cause i managed on hypnobirthing techniques, hot water bottle and dh doing back massage. only when ds1's head was crowning did i think to mention pain relief - mw laughed 'too late now!'

hackneyzoo Sat 08-Jan-11 21:10:54

Wow, loads of people are hbing soon..

Needtosleep in my area the mw team just provide the medical stuff, all the equipment they need and G&A. The MW also asked if I wanted pethadine as a pain relief option as it has to be prescribed in advance.
My MW gave me a list of things to provide:
angle poise lamp (so she can examine you in good light)
hand held mirror (if you are having a water birth so she can see progress without you getting out the pool)
Plastic sheeting
towels for you and the baby
sieve (if using pool)
clear surface to put thier equipment on
biscuits and snacks!

Last time MWs were lovely and completely cleared up afterwards too.

Naturalbaby I am nesting like mad too. DC3 is due tomorrow and am having mild contractions...have cleaned house, made casserole, got all the baby stuff out, cleaned house again!

hackneyzoo Sat 08-Jan-11 21:12:42

Meant to add, the MWs didn't drop anything off in advance, just turned up with it when labour was underway.

NeedToSleepZZZ Sat 08-Jan-11 22:21:45

Thank you so much, have my 36 week appt this week! Will borrow angle poise lamp, not having a water birth, will just drag the plastic sheeting around with me.... Have had some full on braxton hicks recently and I just wanted to be in the garden, hope this doesn't mean I'll head there!

hackneyzoo how exciting! Hope all goes well and you get the birth you want. Let us know how you get on please!

naturalbaby I had to chuckle at you mentioning pain relief whilst crowning wink Hope I'm that brave! Not long for you now either smile

I'll be getting lots of biscuits and tea/ coffee in for the midwives, they really are amazing aren't they?

WestYorkshireGirl Sun 09-Jan-11 04:31:54

It's great there are so many of us out there! I am the only person in my NCT group hoping to have a HB and the IMW thing was a step too far for some! My MW gave me a long list of things to have in and I've just collected a prescription for pethadine and the anti-sickness drug as a back up as she's had a few clients who wouldn't have needed to transfer if they'd had it, but am hoping the pool will be enough. She's coming over next week with the gas and air and her boxes of equipment. I am starting to look forward to it all now and think we are having a practice run at assembling the birth pool later! Did anyone have a HB for their first baby?

hazchem Sun 09-Jan-11 09:22:59

Joining in for the stats list.
Hazchem due 26 Feb first baby

i'm intrested in the pethadine that Hackneyzoo mentioned. has anyone used it at home before?
I'm thinking that having it as an option at home might mean i'm less worried about transferring and therefore less scared and in less pain. or is that crazy talk

NeedToSleepZZZ Sun 09-Jan-11 12:02:25

WestYorkshireGirl Is this your first baby? This is my first and at first I just thought birth=hospital but after a month or so I realised I wanted to be at home and that it as long as all went well I could do it. I am a little nervous now but still looking forward to it. Everyone I know that has had a hb has had a wonderful experience.

As I'm emetophobic I'm having the anti-sickness injection and not having pethidine. My mum had pethidine when having my DB and me and loved it though! I'll stick to TENS and maybe g&a.

hazchem have you joined the Feb antenatal group on here? There are a few of us planning hbs smile

Zafnoodles Sun 09-Jan-11 12:21:37

How does the pethidine prescription work? My midwife has told me that I won't be able to have pethidine for a home birth as midwives don't carry it.


Ohforfoxsake Sun 09-Jan-11 12:25:20

You have to get a prescription from your doctor before hand.

Sorry for jumping in, but I do love a HM thread! I've had three and they were the best experiences of my life.

I am very envy of you all - I'd do it again tomorrow! grin

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