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Induction booked for Saturday, don't really know how to feel...

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Margie32 Wed 05-Jan-11 09:04:22

Hi all,

I'm 40+3 and this morning my doctor booked us in for an induction on Saturday, he doesn't want to hang around as he thinks the baby is big and it's time to get him out. I'm 2cm dilated and having mild contractions, so he thinks it should all happen quite quickly.

Is it weird that I feel disappointed? And terrified? After waiting all this time to meet my little boy I should be over the moon that he'll be here at the weekend, but I feel kind of flat that it has to happen this way. I know that there are still 3 days to go, and hopefully he'll make his own way out in that time, but for some reason the thought of induction really scares me.

I probably should mention that I have had an induction before. I lost my first baby when I was 20 weeks pregnant (won't go into the whys and wherefores, it's a long story) so they had to induce me and I gave birth knowing he wouldn't survive. Obviously both pregnancies are completely different but I can't help making the link between having an induction and something bad happening.

Please can people with good induction stories make me feel better? smile Thanks.

picc Wed 05-Jan-11 09:12:42

so sorry for your loss before sad

i've had 2 inductions, first was quick with little intervention (won't bore you with details, but all ok)

2nd one was actually enjoyable. yes really!! despite having to have waters broken for me and (big) baby getting shoulder stuck. (NB: he didn't get stuck cos he was big!! i had some probs with fluids....)

just ask to have it the way you want it. i moved around loads and listened to ipod and stuff....

if you're already having contractions, hopefully it'll just happen anyway, but if it doesn't, it sounds like your body is ready and it should be relatively straightforward

good luck, and keep us posted.....

Filmbuffmum Wed 05-Jan-11 09:18:12

Given the associations I think your feelings are perfectly understandable- sorry to hear about your loss. However if everything seems fine this time round, please try not to worry or feel bad about the induction. I had inductions both times for OC, and although it does feel weird not to go into labour 'naturally', it really wasn't so bad. Be prepared for a bit of hanging about at the hospital (even if you are given a time, you may find it gets shunted back if emergencies come in). Take some books, music etc and focus on the eventual outcome (a healthy baby!) The second time was very fast for me (under 3 hours from start to finish- once the induction was actually started), and I actually quite liked not having to worry about when to go to hospital etc. Fingers crossed (and maybe he will decide to come out by himself) and good luck.

Margie32 Wed 05-Jan-11 09:35:29

Thanks so much both of you, great to hear about your positive experiences. X

greenbeanie Wed 05-Jan-11 12:34:41

I can understand why you feel so concerned given your past history but induction can be straight forward, particularly if you body is ready, which it sounds like it is.

I had an induction 7 weeks ago for dc3 and was terrified having previously gone into labour naturally and early, I was rather shocked to be overdue. I also new that it would be a big baby. Anyway, the induction was fine, very quick labour, 1hr40mins, and a very big baby, 11lb11.5oz. No tears or any other problems, just a quick straightforward delivery.

I hope it all goes well for you, it won't be long before you have your baby in your arms I'm sure.

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