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Hypnobirthing Recommendation

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lilly13 Tue 04-Jan-11 18:03:31

Could anyone recommend a good hypnobirthing CD/DVD/book? Which one of these or a combination would be best to use? Has hypnobirthing help you?

Kazz79 Wed 18-May-11 13:33:24

Just posted on another forum on here, so much chat about Hypnobirthing, loving it.
Am about to book a course and doing lots and lots of research. Having come across this article 'Hypnobirthing Deception Uncovered' which is fascinating reading. Not so sure if i am going to go the 'official' route now, I am just going to book the course that I get a really positive feel for and that has good reviews.
I also think it is important that you click with your teacher so am going to shortlist and ring them up!

ReshmaHypnobirthing Mon 12-Nov-12 11:28:08

Hello, my name is Reshma and I teach Hypnobirthing courses from a centre on Hampstead high street in NW3, I also teach from another centre in SW19 in Wimbledon after just relocating from Southfields where I taught at the Vitality centre for 7 years. Hypnoclinic are Hypnobirthing Specialists in the UK with over 12 years of experience between us which I am very proud to share.
My courses are fun and packed with lots of useful information and life transforming skills and techniques. You will leave feeling empowered not only for the birth but for other areas of your life too! Come and join onto one of my fantastic courses at either location where I'll provide a space for you to achieve a really calm and positive birth!
For further information and to receive a FREE download (in an English voice!) please visit or call me on 07939 925 302
I look forward to hearing from you!
Warm regards Reshma

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