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Hypnobirthing Recommendation

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lilly13 Tue 04-Jan-11 18:03:31

Could anyone recommend a good hypnobirthing CD/DVD/book? Which one of these or a combination would be best to use? Has hypnobirthing help you?

NeilsBoar Wed 05-Jan-11 16:07:34

My DW and I did a hypnobirthing course with a qualified hypnotherapist (and former nurse) - it really appeared to work for my DW who had a very long labour with no pain relief apart from 2 cocodamol over 12 hours before delivery. It not only helped DW with staying relaxed and thus minimising pain, but also helped me with actually having something to do (light touch massage etc.)

When we were researching it there was a very strong correlation between who it worked for and didn't and who used a book/cd versus a qualified hypnotherapist i.e. the posts on hypnobirthing forums from those people who used a hypnotherapist were very positive and those who used a book/cd generally weren't.

We did use a book/cd (the Marie Mongan one), but I would hesitate to suggest using it without some form of guidance.

One thing to be aware of if you do use hypnobirthing is that you may find the medical professionals don't gauge how far into labour you are very well as you are far calmer than usual....

lilly13 Wed 05-Jan-11 16:35:00

Neils, thank you very much for sharing your experience! I will look into this further.

girlynut Wed 05-Jan-11 21:41:24

I used Marie Mongan too - the Rainbow Relaxation CD. But I don't think it would have been as effective without attending classes too. If I'd read the book alone, I don't think DP and I would have bought into the whole concept quite so whole-heartedly as having somebody showing us how it could actually work. I swear I tasted lemons just from being told to visualise eating one!

Lilly - I would thoroughly recommend hypnobirthing. I was quite scared after having DS1 - no major problems physically but just felt a bit abandoned and frightened. With DS2 I attended hypno classes and it was totally different - a really positive, almost enjoyable experience.

If you get the chance to go to classes, do it! Best decision you'll make.

mooer Wed 05-Jan-11 21:44:44

I dont think Hypnobirthing is very good unless you attend the classes. The Books, cds and dvds are great but nothing can subsitute the other stuff you learn.

I had hypnobirth, peaceful magical painless at home!

emsyj Wed 05-Jan-11 22:00:14

I did the course too, with a practicing midwife. She was great. If you are in the north west her name is Maureen and there are details on the Hypnobirthing North West website

rochester Wed 05-Jan-11 22:12:24

Just want to back up what Neilsboar said about some medical proffessionals not understanding how a woman can be so calm and happy in labour. This was exactly my experince and I ended up having a c-section. They decided my Labour was not fast enough !!!!

IlovePeterAndre Thu 06-Jan-11 10:06:05

I totally agree. During my first pregnancy My DH and i attended weeks of hypnobirthing classes with a qualified hynotheripist. My DH recommended her as he'd used her previously for his gambling addiction.
I had a very peacful and positive birth right up until they decided i wasnt delivering quickly enough and i ended up having a c-section. Im now due another c section with our second next week and my DH spends most evenings playing poker on line.

lilly13 Thu 06-Jan-11 11:49:59

Thank you so much for your responses! I am in Central London. Will look into qualified hypnotherapist sessions. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Heyj Fri 14-Jan-11 23:24:03

I've just signed up for a course at St Thomas' hospital with a midwife, she was recommended to me by a friend who had a four hour birth with her first baby with nothing for pain and infact says the birth wasn't painful! So i'm willing to give it a go but think that classes are probabaly better.

lilly13 Sat 15-Jan-11 08:25:12

Heyj, let me know how it goes! I am looking into classes, but haven't found anything convenient yet. I spoke with Katharine Graves who teaches a class at St Thomas, she is quite well known, but it is up to 15 couples, and GBP300 each... a bit unreasonable imho if there are so many couples at once.

miggly Sun 16-Jan-11 21:44:32

I bought the Marie Mongan Hypnobirthing book (I used the American version as it came with a CD as well), and also the Margaret Howell 'Effective Birth Preparation - Natal Hypnotherapy Programme' CD.

Both were brilliant; I read the book first and then used both the CDs to practise relaxing in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy.

In labour, it was good to have both CDs for a bit of variety. I didn't have a favourite, both were invaluable at keeping my breathing slow (the biggest key to managing contractions) and keeping me calm and peaceful.

I would use both again in exactly the same way and highly recommend! I don't know if I'd have got more out of a course, this was enough for me. Let me know if you want to know more about them.

Heyj Wed 19-Jan-11 12:49:50

I think as long as you're prepared in some way especially with breathing it has to help. I just want to not be terrified!! The class i've signed up for at st thomas' is with judith flood who is a midwife. She said she would only have 7 couples max cause and i think her prices are a bit more reasonable. We're going in March so i'll let you know what it's like.

ohmeohmy Wed 19-Jan-11 12:59:04

Katherine Graves isn't a member of the HypnoBirthing Institute. If you want to know who is go to their website and look under the practitioners section.

crazycatlady Wed 19-Jan-11 15:27:52

Heyj - we're having private classes with Judith at the moment. She is lovely and after 3 classes (plus lots of home practise and listening to her CD) I am feeling very relaxed and positive about the birth.

We have one more class to go, then this baby is due in 4 wks so I'll update on how the hypnobirthing helps. Had very long, traumatic and awful labour and birth for DC1 so hoping for a different experience this time.

Heyj Thu 20-Jan-11 13:45:54

crazycatlady- that's really great to hear so thanks, would be amazing to feel relaxed and positive about the birth so that's really encouraging.thanks!!
From what i've read on the net a person doesn't have to be a member of the hypnobirthing institute to teach hypnobirthing. The idea of hypnobirthing was around for years before Marie Mongan wrote the book and she's not been able to trademark the name so she has to use the capital B for birthing. Katherine Graves is a very experienced hypnotherapist and Judith is a midwife and hypnotherapist both of them trained with Marie Mongan but seem to both work independently now.
When we looked around for classes we looked more at the pracitioners experience and background and to be honest being taught by a midwife was what influenced us but also Judith is alot cheaper which with so much to buy at the moment helped us make our decision!!

honeyface Mon 02-May-11 21:51:20

hi Crazycatlady
I was looking at Judith's class starting this Saturday - please can you let us all know how your hypnobirthign went?
Many thanks!

crazycatlady Mon 02-May-11 22:08:48

Hi there

Hypnobirthing was great. It really was invaluable. Especially as I didn't get to have the relaxed homebirth I wanted! DS had other ideas - at 42 weeks and 4 days overdue I finally agreed to be induced so we had a hospital birth at St Thomas's instead of my planned homebirth.

Induction was one of the things I was quite fearful about, as well as being in hospital and facing a repeat of last time etc... but the hypnobirthing techniques meant I managed all my fears and had a very relaxed experience.

The contrast to my first (very panicky) labour was enormous. This time I felt relaxed and was sleeping in early labour, chatting between contractions right up to transition, and my established labour was only 4 hours. Even though it was an induction I managed the whole thing with just hypnobirthing techniques and some gas and air. I didn't even really register my contractions as painful until about 7-8 cm. They were very very intense and needed my whole focus to deal with them once in established labour, but not painful as such until I started dilating v v quickly from 7cm and I felt a bit out of control during transition, thought I couldn't do it etc.. but then my body took over with the pushing and DS popped out...

It was really wonderful. I totally recommend it. In fact I can quite confidently say that without the hypnobirthing I would not have coped and would have begged for c-section/epidural.

NoseyNooNoo Mon 02-May-11 22:18:15

The best way to find a class is via
This gives a list of people who are Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioners. Generally their classes are small (max of 3 or 4 couples) giving all participants opportunity to ask all the questions they need and courses usually last 12.5 hours.

puddleofpiddle Mon 02-May-11 22:47:57

I used the marie mongan book and cd too, we couldn't afford the classes. I didn't take the cd into the birth with me and used the visualisation and breathing techniques. I used hynpnobirthing for my 3rd birth and think had it been my first the work I'd put into preparing would not have paid off as much, mainly because I knew what to expect (I'd also had ds2 11 months previously so labour/birth was rather fresh in my mind shock ).
It was a fantastic experience, I was really calm and didn't swear once!

crazycatlady Tue 03-May-11 11:55:42

We had 4 private sessions with Judith - cost slightly more but worth it for 121 tuition/questions etc and she came to our home so no need to pay a babysitter. If you are giving birth at St T's too then Judith is brill as she is a midwife there and so knows all the protocol/people etc.

originalsistah Wed 04-May-11 13:06:21

If you are based in London you could attend Breathe to a Better Birth with Karen Mander at The Special Yoga Centre: in Kensal Rise, they also have pre and post natal yoga classes.

ruthd29 Thu 05-May-11 20:14:53

I bought the natal hypnotheraphy CDs which were great. I used one when we were trying to conceive and then one during pregnancy and then two for birth preparation and then in labour. I had had a horrible first pregnancy and labour and was really stressed about doing it again, but the CDs were brilliant and I am convinced that they really worked. . The best thing is that you can do them at home/on train/in bed etc. Would really recommend them. smile I didn't use them with my first (had horrible traumatic birth experience) but did with my second and it was significantly better. I am adamant that the CDs helped. Would echo what was said above though about making sure that it is in your notes. I was 6 cm dilated and was so calm they were sure I wasn't in labour! Baby arrived about 2 hours later.... without pain relief! (very different to my first)

NurseSunshine Thu 05-May-11 21:05:20

I am pregnant with my first child at the moment and am listening to the natal hypnotherapy CD. I've gone from someone who panicked about labour and birth as being a scary, horrible, frightening event that I wanted to be over and done with as soon as possible to someone who is calmly looking forward to it, and viewing it as an exciting, normal experience that doesn't have to be horrible. I credit this change entirely to the CD! I would definately recommend it, even if you're sceptical (I was) if it might help then surely it's worth it?

hereshegoesagain Mon 09-May-11 16:47:29

I concur! I researched hypnotherapy when entering the last trimester of my second pregnancy last year and bought the Natal Hypnotherapy CD ( the one called "hospital and birth centre" )
I had a very frightening first labour and decided that it didn't have to be this way after a friend of mine used relaxation and visualisation for her second birth....
I really got into listening to the CD at night after work, even if I was sceptical about the real benefits once in labour... but when my labour started 3 weeks early, I immediately tried to apply what I had spent 2 months getting into, and I had the most fabulous experience: 2h labour without pain relief. Intense, not painless at all , but I felt I was in control, which was a HUGE improvement compared to my first " let's just run away screaming each time a contraction starts" approach....
I really recommend trying this method, I couldn't afford expensive classes ( and didn't fancy being in a group at all! ) but this really helped me beyond belief. (
Hope this helps...

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