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Natal Hypnotherapy Home Birth

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knittamerrykid Fri 24-Dec-10 13:20:33

Hi, am trying to find a second hand cd (and booklet) of the home birth version. Does anybody know where can I find one? there are none available at the ussual suspects.
Also, I've got the hospital/birth centre one but without a booklet, how different is it from the home birth one? and does it say something crutial in the booklet that is not repeated in the cd?
Thanks! and Merry Christmas!

reallytired Fri 24-Dec-10 19:47:03 Preparation-CD-/290514181258?pt=UK_Baby_Maternity_ Pregnancy_MJ&hash=item43a3fe9c8a

Or you could post on the wanted /for sale boards.

frankenfanny Fri 24-Dec-10 19:58:19

I got mine off ebay but TBH there are only a couple of sentences on it about "your familiar surroundings" making you feel more relaxed. Most of the CD is about breathing, relaxation techniques and positive reinforcement of the general birth experience- I imagine the hospital version would be the same. Can always re-sell it if not!

knittamerrykid Sat 25-Dec-10 10:59:39

Thanks for the link reallytired, that is the hospital one though. I think you are right franken, I listened to it yesterday and does not specifically say the word hospital, so I'll just try this one out.
Thanks a lot.

duke748 Sun 26-Dec-10 16:08:42

Hi. I have a copy of the CD you want.

I also one from the same series 'relaxing birth music' that has the same music used in the background of the preparation CD but without the words. The idea being that you can listen to it during birth and its a subconscious reminder of the suggestions in the other CD.

I haven't listened to the hospital version one, but the only real reference to home in the CD is when they mention how relaxed you feel seeing/hearing/smelling all your personal belongings around you.

There are 2 booklets with it:

1) midwives data sheet - to give to the midwife attending birth. It basically tells the midwife what natal hypnotherapy is and what she can do to help facilitate a relaxing birth

2) mini guide to effective birth preparation - for you to read. Its 22 pages long, so covers a fair bit. I found the following bits most useful: it tells you how to get maximum from the CD, top tips for mothers and top tips for birth partners.

Hope this helps. I transfered the tracks to my iPOD and photocopied the booklets for my birthbox, so they are all as good as new.

If you want these CDs, message me. I've not used messages on MN before, but assume it will tell me if I have one waiting for me!

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