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Prolapse after childbirth?!

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jinglebelly Wed 22-Dec-10 19:29:52

I had my 3rd DC 1o days ago, he was a big baby (9lbs 10) and it was a ventouse delivery. This is really embarrassing but down there feels really different, almost like the walls of my vagina have caved it! I think I have a prolapse, My midwife says I should give it time and do my pelvic floor exercises, will this really help? Help!

PrincessScrumpy Wed 22-Dec-10 19:42:48

Pelvic floors do help, but it was only 10 days ago - give it time. Will proably take longer to return to normal as it's number 3. Wait until your 6 week check up to see how things are then, but don't expect miracles to happen quickly - took me 11 months to get to normal. ( not trying to scare you, just reassure you that it will get better, but not necessarily in weeks, possibly months.). Good luck x

cardamomginger Thu 23-Dec-10 10:51:27

Congratulations! And well done - that's a big baby!!! I've only had one DC (3 months ago) so don;t have a great deal of experience in these things. But I felt very saggy and "caved in" with horrible dragging sensations down there. Pelvic floors have helped - but it's only been the last week or so that I have felt things are slightly more normal (and my DC was only 7.5 lbs). BUT - if you think you may have a prolapse, you should see a specialist obs/gynae physio to have it checked out. My physio says that GPs frequently check for prolapse incorrectly inthat they have you lying down inthe usual "smear test" position - this means that any prolapse is harder to detect as the uterus falls back down into it's usual place. She syas the correct way to check is with the woman sitting up on the couch with her legs straight out in front - this way if the uterus has prolapsed, gravity isn't working against it IYSWIM. Good luck! X

jinglebelly Thu 23-Dec-10 14:38:49

Does anyone know if a 'caved in' feeling is normal directly after giving birth and can it right itself over the following months or is it permanent?!

jinglebelly Thu 23-Dec-10 17:58:25


cardamomginger Thu 23-Dec-10 18:11:49

i think it is normal. felt like the walls of my vagina had collapsed in on themselves. physio said it was fine and normal and nothing to worry about. getting better now....

cloudydays Thu 23-Dec-10 23:27:19

I was worried about prolapse for a couple of weeks after having dd (forceps/epis) because I felt very different and it really did feel sometimes (like on the toilet) that everything was going to just drop right out of me (sorry). Sometimes it was just a funny feeling, but often it was actual pain and a sensation of downward pressure.

I did go to my GP and I did not have a prolapse but I did have a uterine infection (no idea if that's just btw or if it was connected to that feeling). I did Kegels but not as much as I should have, and took ABs for the infection. It took about ten weeks until I felt really normal below.

In the meantime, it really helped me to apply pressure to the area while going to the bathroom (which is when the feeling was worst for me). I got advice from a friend to hold a pad against the vaginal area and that really did help.

Hope you're feeling better soon and congratulations on your baby!

cambodia Fri 24-Dec-10 06:22:36

I had my baby 18 days ago and I had a vaginal birth - a good one - and tiny episiotomy. Baby was small and for the first 10 days I felt great down there. No pain or anything. But then I started to feel quite sore and weird. Not a dragging sensation, but a swollen/sore sensation pressing against the urethra area. When I sit down sometimes, it feels like part of me down there sits down, and then is followed by another part - which sort of bangs into place.

I am by no means articulate about what I feel down there! Should I go to my doctor before the 6 weeks or is it not worth it? Does it sound like I've had a prolapse?


jinglebelly Fri 24-Dec-10 19:19:54

I think it would be best to get it checked out in case you have an infection but from what I can gather they don't do anything for a prolapse until the 6 week check so your body has time to settle down

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