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Anyone given birth at Yeovil District Hospital?

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PollyPoo Wed 22-Dec-10 18:54:46

I am 39+6 with DC2 and we have always planned a home birth with birthing pool this time round but I found out today that due to the weather conditions the community midwives cannot support home births and I will have to go to hospital. sad

I asked to go to Yeovil, as first time around I had an unpleasant experience at Taunton. I've not had a hospital tour of Yeovil and wasn't bothered about that until today.

Now I'm really annoyed that I haven't done any research on Yeovil. I know they have a really good care record but I have a feeling there is no birth pool. I can't bear the thought of another labour like DDs (strapped to bed being monitored, unable to get in pool due to high blood pressure) and the thought of a labour without water is suddenly very scary and I'm feeling ridiculously tearful and upset.

Anyone given birth in Yeovil? Have they got a pool now? Had a good experience there? I was sure I heard that you could take your own birth pool into Yeovil - does anyone know if that is the case? I rang the Womens Hospital reception in Yeovil but they are now closed and it seems wrong to ring labour ward to quiz them about pools just because I'm feeling really insecure and worried - I'm sure they have much bigger things to be worrying about.

Thanks in advance.

FuturePM Wed 22-Dec-10 19:00:42

I'm sorry you can't have a home birth I did, I couldn't even THINK about going into a hospital when swine flu was rife.

Don't feel silly about ringing the labour ward, if it's going to put your mind at rest and prepare you the best way possible ring them. If the midwives can answer the phone then they're obviously not too busy to talk.

Ring them and get some answers and prepare a little list for yourself (like a birthing plan) but working with what you've got.

Best of luck with your new arrival!

PollyPoo Wed 22-Dec-10 19:59:23

Thanks for reply PM. Am feeling a little more composed now. It is just the last thing you want to be worrying about a day off your due date.

I have GP appt tomorrow as Midwife is snowed in so will chat over any concerns there and then ring the labour ward afterwards. Just need to get it all straight in my head. I thought I was so well prepared too. sad

PrincessScrumpy Wed 22-Dec-10 20:38:59

I had DD in Yeovil (she'll be 3 in Feb). I'm pretty sure they're still fundraising for a birthing pool, but there is a large bath apparently, that people use. tbh, my labour was so quick I didn't have time to get the bath run!

The wards are nicer than Taunton (imo) - I was in Taunton at 32 weeks with contractions but they stopped so ended up giving birth in Yeovil. Yeovil wards have 4 beds only and it's quite small and friendly.

My MW wasn't great as she wouldn't listen to me but then they swapped shifts and new MW was fab. I don't think she reflected Yeovil as such and know lost of people who've had good experiences. Get DH/DP to be clued up about monitoriing etc and tell him to put his foot down if you're not in a position to do so - but that's what I'd say for any hospital.

The decor is dated but you don't really care - it was clean and I was able to have a bath / shower when I wanted to without queing.

There's a room with a tv and comfy chairs, plus table and chairs if you want to eat food in there with outher mums - food is self service.

Any other questions?

PrincessScrumpy Wed 22-Dec-10 20:40:23

They're quite pro active births and have thos blow up balls to sit on. I didn't get to use them as I was wheeled up the corridor while pushing - don't think I made the most of the facilities!

thatsnotmymonkey Wed 22-Dec-10 20:45:19

Great great staff at Yeovil. No pool though.

PollyPoo Wed 22-Dec-10 22:38:41

Thanks Scrumpy and Monkey. I had heard really good things about the staff at Yeovil and ward size sounds good, especially compared to Taunton.

SproutsMakeTortoiseFart Wed 22-Dec-10 22:41:22

I had Ds1 there 13 yrs ago which is of no help to you but i hope all goes well. smile
DS2, DD1 and DD2 were all home births.

debbiepugh Thu 23-Dec-10 10:13:35

Hi there

I am Head of Communications at Yeovil District Hospital.

We do not have a birthing pool at the present time - we are currently fundraising for one. However we do offer excellent care and have just received very positive feedback from a patient survey. The midwives are more than happy for you to contact them to discuss your concerns.

The Labour Ward number is 01935 384350.

All the very best.

Debbie Pugh-Jones

galwaygal Thu 23-Dec-10 11:28:55

I have not given birth there, but was in there for suspected premature labour a couple of times, the staff were all excellent. I had so much support and was not left for ages strapped to machines as I was in other hospitals on numerous occassions. I really have nothing but praise for the hospital.

My sister had her children there many years ago and she too had nothing but praise for the staff.

I hope you have a wonderful birth and that you too, will be able to say how wonderful the staff all are there.

PollyPoo Thu 23-Dec-10 12:54:33

Thanks so much all for getting in touch, especially Debbie - I nearly cried when I read your message (damn those pregnancy hormones)!

After a good nights sleep I'm feeling a lot less panicked by the changes. After all, the important thing is that baby and I are healthy, regardless of the labour and which hospital we give birth in.

chocolateefudge Wed 05-Jan-11 05:19:29

Hi Polly, I worked there and it was a fantastic unit with amazing midwives. Unfortunately no pool as the floors aren't structurally sound - they are fund raising to redo floors and put pools in. does mean you can't take own pool in either. however the big bath there is fab! good luck! x

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