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and another 'am I in labour' one....

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fanny75 Tue 21-Dec-10 14:19:30

I've just been reading thru all the other similar threads, but nothing seems to be the same with me as for the other mums to be. I'm only querying because I really really really want to be at home for Christmas, and I don't know if my body/mind is playing tricks on me! I've been to the mw this morning who said I was about 2 fingers (nice wink) dilated, so what's that, just over a cm. She plugged me into the monitoring machine where you could see that the baby was quite happy but no contractions from me. Once we got home I think I've had a show (do you have more than one?), it was all mucousy and brown, and I am having very very very slight and irratic potential contractions. I'm just trying to not really think about it, and to rest, but I was just wondering (hoping) that this might be it. What do you think?

mumatron Tue 21-Dec-10 14:36:03

sounds like when i had ds.

i had show and fairly mild contractions on the sunday evening, continued getting steadily stronger and more regular until the tuesday. got to hospital about 7.30am contracting every few minutes and was 7cm. he was born at 2.35pm that day.

that said, every birth is different. so who know!!

hope it is the start of things for you and that you and lo are home for christmas.

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