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Can I request a C-Section?

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CJ2010 Mon 20-Dec-10 16:07:31

Hi all - Im currently pregnant with DC2, it's early days but the memories of my first pregnancy/birth with DC1 have come flooding back and im feeling excited and nervous.

Anyway, i must stop waffling on and get to the point. I feel quite strongly at the moment that I want a C-section and would like to know if you can request one? How do the midwifes/ doctors react to such a request? Will I have to fight my corner?

I had a natural birth with DC1. However I had tested positive for Group B Strep and was told that I would need 4 hrs of IV antibiotics during labour to prevent any risk to DC. However, I had such a quick labour that I never got to receive the 4 hrs of IV antibiotics which meant the DC1 was on antibiotics for the first week of her life. I understand that by having a c-section you eliminate the risks posed by Group B? Am I right in thinking this?

Also I couldn't tell when my waters broke as I never had a big 'gush'. That was another reason why DC needed antibiotics, incase they had broken over 24 hrs before the birth.

After the birth I wasn't stictched up properly by the midwife and ended up with a blood clot, got rushed into theatre and thought I was gonna die etc... it was awful and traumatic.

I want a elective c- section for both physical and emotional reasons. Will I have to plead my case?

Would like to hear from other people who have requested a c- section. Thanks in advance.

Lotster Mon 20-Dec-10 16:29:30

Hi there,

that dash to theatre sounds traumatic.

I think when you ask you will be warned about all the grave dangers you could also get in to having a caesarean too. They will tell you that it's a big op., infections are possible, recovery is long etc, which is all true.

I had to have a CS 2nd time around as the first birth left me with too much damage, adn IME my elective CS was brilliant, but people recover differently. From both types of birth.

Other people will be along soon with better advice I'm sure, but if you've read up on the risks, checked with them that they can't put your mind at rest about getting Strep again and you still want a CS, I don't believe they can refuse you.

Bumptobirthbeyond Mon 20-Dec-10 20:35:41

Hi there

As an antenatal teacher and a mum, I urge you to research the risks attached to cesearean sections. They are 'no walk in the park' and any medical professional willing to let a mum have one without a proper medical reason (not being GBS+), is, in my opinion acting irresponsibly.

I too am GBS + and had a very quick labour with DC2 (2.5 hrs start to finish). I was ready to push when I arrived at the hospital. As a result, I didn't get any antibiotics and DS therefore had them for 2 days after birth.
In hindsight and having done more research for my GBS mums, I prefer the option of 'wait and see' - 48 hours of observations on the baby.
That way, the baby isn't subjected to antibiotics unnecessarily.

In addition, your baby is still at risk of contracting GBS from a Cesearean Section.
Plus, every birth is different and only 1 in 20 people's waters break before labour starts. It may or may not happen.

Best of luck!


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