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Worried about bleeding after c section - please reply if you can

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lisalisa Mon 20-Dec-10 15:24:42

I have just had my 6th and last C Section.

For the first week I bled normally - just a little red blood. About 10 days after delivery I started losing dark red blood mixed with jelly like substance.

Its not exactly clots as they are not solid - it is akin to say runny jelly before it has set or even runnier than that! Sorry if TMI.

Midwife has said just to monitor it and see how it goes.

I have no temperature and my recovery generally has been complicated by a wound infection and I think my age ( I'm 42) as I'm still not mobile and genearlly very achey.

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced the same type of discharge/bleeding ( I'm now 3 weeks exactly since delivery) and can reassure me. Midwife has said if it does turn out to be retained placenta I need an ERPC under general aneasthetic which I'm obviously very anxious to avoid.

I would have thought retained placenta would be very heavy bleeding though and large clots?

Thanks all

reikizen Mon 20-Dec-10 15:27:13

It may be retained products or an infection. How many pads are you using in a day? Are you breast feeding and if so is it heavier during/after feeding? Is it more when you have been sat/lay down for a while and then moved?

missp2010 Mon 20-Dec-10 18:52:59

I have had two sections. I don't remember having what you have described. But it was two and half years ago. I think the bleeding I had was very much like a normal period, I think after three weeks though it had slowed down a lot and I was only using the very thin pads.

Are you bleeding more than with your previous sections? Also tmi I know, but does it smell bad? I seem to remember being told to look out for a bad smell. If you are worried about it, it's probably best to see your g.p.

MiasMARY Mon 20-Dec-10 18:59:09

I have only has the one section so am not qualified to answer your query about that. I'm a bit of an erpc veteran though, I've had 3 and a hysteroscopy too and thy are really nothing to worry about. 25 minutes of very light g&a, nothing to worry about really. I was back to normal immediatly after all of mine.

Congratulations btw grin

chipmonkey Mon 20-Dec-10 19:43:13

Congratulations, lisa! I have had 4 CS's and have never had bleeding as you describe. There was no question of placenta accreta or anything like that?

lisalisa Mon 20-Dec-10 19:54:53

HI Reikizen

I am using only 2 pads per day so not heavcy. Yes I am breastfeeding and not heavier during feeding but if I have been laid down or sat still then yes that is when i is heavier. Does that help it sound better or worse?

missp2010- I know what you mean about TMI!! Thank goodness this is anonymous! Re bad smell - klind of - not fishy or horrible but it smells like cleaning products - a bit bleachy!

Thanks MiasMary and chipmonkey - nice to hear frist of someone having close to the amount of sections I have had although I had my tubes tied this time so no more for me.

No question of placenta accreta but my notes did say that the placenta was very ragged.

I know the erpc is nothing to get fussed about but terrified of general anaesthetcis and after having been through a section and 2 woujnd infections I just can't face another procedure. Strongly feel my body needs to heal.

Any other ideas anyone?

Haggisfish Mon 20-Dec-10 23:56:13

Yes - if you are anywhere near the West Midlands, the epau will do an ultrasound scan for fifty quid to check for retained products - your GP should also have referred you for one to check for this.

I went to Epau as they could fit me in straight away. Best fifty quid I spent. They can see if there are any bits left, and more importantly, if there is any vascularisation of them (ie any blood supply to them).

I had a blood clot in uterus and then cervix closed up. They eventually gave me pills to induce a period, which got rid of it.

Are you having trouble breastfeeding, as in not producing loads of milk? Apparently this is often a sign of retained products.

Hope you feel better soon - it is crap.

MissAnthropy Tue 21-Dec-10 00:01:37

I've only had one cs but bled for 6 weeks afterwards. Lost clots, odd thick discharge and different coloured blood at different times. It was always worse after sitting (as the blood pools). I had no infection but it did smell odd, a bit like cleaning products you're right.

I'd monitor, if you feel unwell at all or have a temp, see a GP. I think if you're well, monitoring is okay as a course of action.

I've had an erpc, it was absolutely fine. I was terrified but it was over in 20 minutes and I was up and off home as soon as I'd had some tea and toast.

serendipity16 Tue 21-Dec-10 08:17:31

Hi. I can't offer any help as i'm still getting brown blood/discharge from my c-section.

I had my c-section 4 weeks ago tomorrow. The bleeding was red for about 2 weeks & then turned red. For over a week i've had brown discharge (sorry tmi). I would say its like the egg white discharge you get when you ovulate only its brown.

I can't remember if its normal, this is my 4th c-section but the previous one was nearly 5 years ago. I've been checking for any smell & it doesn't smell nasty or anything..... i had an infection after one of my daughters birth & the smell.... i'll never forget it, it was awful (again sorry about tmi).

Anyone else had this kinda discharge?
Its brown/brown blood stained & i've had it for over a week. I mentioned it to the midwife a week ago but she didn't seem concerned. I'm just fed up with it now.

lisalisa Wed 22-Dec-10 16:35:23

Thanks everyone I'm pleased to say mine has cleared up now. Serendipity i think like others have said its the smell that is most important - taht and the absence of a temperature. Sorry to hear yours is continuing and I wish you better soon. Congrats btw - my baby is 4 weeks old on monday so we@Re literally on the same stage together. Hope you're finding nights etc ok - bit of a shcok after 5 yrs isn't it?( my next oldest is coincdietnally 5 as well)

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