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Pain - engaging/labour/help?

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pinkyp Tue 07-Dec-10 06:58:03

Since last night i've been getting pains inmy lower abdomen,they last about a min or so and take my breath away (i just freeze up until they pass), they even woke me at 5am this morning and i've been up since.Usually come about 15-30 mins apart. I've also been having a show for a few days after my sweep (12 days overdue today) tonight it was very bloody, but this is definately the worst pain i've experienced so far. This is my 2nd ds so i was wondering if the pain could be him engaging as i've heard they dont usually engage til the last min with your 2nd. I'm being induced tomorrow so i'm not in a rush to have baby just panicking what the pain is (i have a hotwater bottle on my pelvis now). I cant remember it hurting this much when my 1st engaged at all..but if it isnt what is it?

mousesma Tue 07-Dec-10 07:41:04

Maybe latent labour.? I had these pains for about 5 days before I was induced. I didn't sleep for longer than 2 hours consequtively during this time because I was so uncomfortable.

Maybe baby could be making an appearance of his own accord.

Good luck with the birth

pinkyp Wed 08-Dec-10 14:49:48

it turned out to be labour grin

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