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6 weeks - advice please!

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Dozeyland Mon 06-Dec-10 13:18:39

DD is 6 weeks on Weds.

I want to start doing my pelvis floor more, and tone my legs bum & tum. my tummy went right down after birth but still have the little jelly belly.

i know its still early days. but when can i start to exercise, and what exercises to do??

my pelvic floor feels looser too

Dreading DTD after this long time! had stitches too (theyhavent caused me any problems but nervous!!!) what if it feeld loads different for DP!?

sarahscot Mon 06-Dec-10 15:05:23

You're meant to wait until after your 6 week check with your GP before starting any diet or exercise. They'll give you the once over and confirm you're fit enough to excercise. Have you got an appt booked?

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