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Have option of ELCS, don't want it but can I change my mind in labour if.....

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CrazyChristmasLady Sun 05-Dec-10 11:36:36

Last birth, DS got distressed, I had forceps and an episiotomy and ended up in theatre with a 3rd degree tear.

As I healed so well, they are letting me choose a natural or c section this time. I don't want a c section but if when I am in labour, it looks like intervention is needed, can I refuse and tell them to do an emergency c section instead?

They want to automatically do an episiotomy this time even though they have said there is no proof that it prevents tears and I have looked it up on the the net and spoken to my MW who agrees that it isn't necessary as it all depends on the way you are cut etc so I am going to tell the hospital that they are not to do it automatically and only do it if it becomes absolutely essential.

However I want a natural birth (in the pool if I can get it) and don't want the same as last time with the forceps but I don't want to automatically have a c section unless it looks like a repeat of last time.

Would the hospital be willing to go along with this?

Jaybird37 Sun 05-Dec-10 13:03:42

Talk to them. Explain the way you feel.

The difficulty is that at the point that you are looking at forceps/ episiotomy C-section may not be a practical option, because that is at the last minute.

Lovethesea Sun 05-Dec-10 13:16:33

I had an emergency forceps birth with DC1 - she was wedged in the birth canal with her head side on and got very distressed, I was rushed to theatre and had a spinal.

The consultant explained afterwards that it was safer for her to be born with the rotational forceps (which tore me badly and left me with longterm bladder problems) than a c-section. Because she was past the spines of the pelvis a c-section would have required her being pulled back UP the birth canal. If the forceps hadn't worked they were also prepping me for a c-section as a last resort.

DC2 was an elcs to prevent another wedged baby, worsening incontinence and potential tears in an area that I felt has had enough stitching to last a lifetime! I only wanted 2 DC though so I had no concerns about future births post cs.

CrazyChristmasLady Sun 05-Dec-10 19:33:54

They did say I had 3 pushes and if DS didn't come out, I would be having an EMCS last time. He wasn't stuck or in an awkward position but just in distress.

I guess I'll have to wait until my consultant appointment in January.

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