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Head engaged 37 weeks tomorrow 3rd pregnancy could labour be near??

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tricia85 Fri 03-Dec-10 15:20:12

hi i know it's only 2years since i had my last child but the heads never engaged fully until i was in labour with them both.I had my 36 week check yesterday even though i'm now 36+6days and mw said head was nearly fully engaged and rock solid down there not likely to move out again now even joked that my next app on 16th is with the doc if i've not already had bump by then. I was wondering if labour could be nearer than i thought what with my mw saying that or could i just be gettin excited too soon . i've been getting alot more discharge down there sorry if tmi and alot of sharp pains in pelvis also been feeling quite crampy period type pains across bottom of bump and around back. any info if anyone else is feeling like this or has gone through same thing would be appreciated just wondering how soon labour could start. thanks xx

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