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Will they give me a sweep if I've had a show?

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wendyhappysmile Thu 02-Dec-10 18:09:43

Due to see the midwife tomorrow at 41 weeks for a sweep - but had a show today - will they still give it to me? Had irregular contractions for the last 20 hours and not sure if waters have broken or not (wasn't sure with DS either!)

bumbums Thu 02-Dec-10 21:52:13

I had a big watery show with my DC2. They should give you a sweep to get things moving.
Get yourself bouncing on your birthing ball and have plenty of brisk walks (bump and snow allowing)!
Not long now!!

flaurenoko Thu 02-Dec-10 23:10:32

I was 41 weeks and had my show and had started contractions - they bullied me into having a sweep to "get things moving" and my contractions did get stronger and more frequent - then my waters broke and everything stopped!

I had to go in 24 hours later for an induction but went earlier as the baby had pooed inside me - as soon as they started monitoring the baby - the midwife said "now im going to press that red button and a lot of people will come rushing in - dont panic".. Within about 5 mins I was having an emergency c section..

baby was really good, came out crying and they had no idea what was wrong with him. I thought the c section was good too - recovering really quickly..

So have no complaints.

But I do wonder if the sweep somehow made things go the way they did (or would things have gone that way anyway..?!)

Really it should be up to you if they give it to you or not - its if you accept it.. though I did feel very pressured into mine..

Good luck with everything x

FessaEst Thu 02-Dec-10 23:12:18

I had had irregular contractions for a day or so and a mild show when i was given a sweep. had a much more dramatic show and stronger contractions a few hours later and DD was born the following day. Good luck!

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