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Upset Tummy - Labour?

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BabyHBR Wed 01-Dec-10 15:57:09

Hi all, posted this in pregnancy earlier, didn't see the childbirth section...

I'm new here! 39 weeks with first baby, just wanted a bit of advice. Sorry for TMI.

My tummy felt very unsettled last night. Started with tummyache (hubby had epic panic that I was going into labour!) at about 10pm. I then spent half the night on and off the loo!
Still having tummy pains and cramps and feel very queasy now.

I've read that upset tummy is common before birth, body's way of "clearing out" so to speak before pushing. I'm really hoping so, and not just a horrible bug. Could this be the start of labour?

stinkypants Wed 01-Dec-10 19:42:37

definitely could be..., how exciting!! how is it going now?

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