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Worried you won;t make it through the snow to give birth?!

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clarabellarocks Wed 01-Dec-10 13:45:45

So snowy here in Yorkshire. I've got two weeks till my due date so hoping baby knows it's better off where it is for a few weeks as not sure we'll manage to get to hospital! Just hoping baby knows it's better off where it is.

Anyone else thinking they may have to have an unwanted home birth?!!

Worst thing is I'm booked for a section! Arggghh. Hope it clears soon.

lucybrad Wed 01-Dec-10 15:07:00

i know what you mean. Im only 35+4 and our snow is not that bad at the moment but I concerned too. Baby could arrive at anytime, and a home birth completely different to the planned section I am having.

mumnerves Wed 01-Dec-10 16:45:49

I'm 39 weeks today, also in Yorkshire...ah well perhaps may end up in a home birth wink

japhrimel Thu 02-Dec-10 11:20:59

Call 999 if you're in labour and can't get to the hospital - they have access to the national 4x4 response network (volunteers) as well as official 4x4s and air ambulances.

Someone on my antenatal thread has recommended getting in touch with your local 4x4 response team now if you think you might need their help to get to hospital, especially in a non-emergency situation (e.g. you wouldn't phone 999 if you couldn't get in for a planned CS, but would still need help!).

EssexDee Thu 02-Dec-10 14:06:30

Well, I had my baby yesterday, planned homebirth and midwife came round to examine me, told me I was 1cm and to wait and call again - when we did they told me to go into hospital in case an ambulance couldn't get up our road in an emergency. Result? 10 min drive from hell to hospital, I got there 9cm dilated and bubs was born in 6 mins, so my advice? Go to hospital asap even if you don't think you are established labour as early as poss in this weather!!!

Floopy21 Thu 02-Dec-10 14:09:23

Congratulations EssexD!!

mumnerves Thu 02-Dec-10 14:56:48

Congrats EssexD
thanks for the tips japhrimel

gailforce1 Thu 02-Dec-10 15:28:49

Congrats EssexD!
What I don't understand is how your car managed to get up your road but an ambulance could not? Thought I read on another thread that ambulance stations have 4x4 for just these situations?

Mamathulu Fri 03-Dec-10 05:43:52

i'm off to book in for my elcs (scheduled next weds) in a few hours. I'm kind of hoping they might 'do' me today, so I'm taking my theatre and recovery bags in and just leaving them in the car, but will leave my mahoosive ward bag at home! I have been very twingy over the last few days, had quite a 'false start' on Wednesday, and really felt like my waters had gone a bit last night, so I'll probably just ask them to check out my fanjo while I'm there, just to make sure!
I think I just want to get the birth out of the way now - the in-laws have said they might not be able to get down from Cambridgeshire on the day, which would obviously be disappointing, but at least it would give us a little quiet time before they descend and we have ALL the parents around!
Thanks for the link, japh, I do know someone with a 4x4, my 'celebrity' family who I teach 'cello to, do you reckon I could get them to give me a lift if I can't get in next Weds? grin

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